Hello, my name is . . . Tim Dailey

On Mondays, the Daily Voice introduces you to a member of the UMass Medical School community—could be a new face, or maybe one that’s has been around for a while. We’ve asked our subjects to answer a few questions that might give you insight into their personalities. If you have a suggestion as to someone who might be profiled, let us know at ummscommunications@umassmed.edu

Tim Dailey is manager of web content and graphic design for Commonwealth Medicine. He has been at UMass Medical School since April 2006.



What brought you here to UMass Medical School?
I was interested in working again for an academic institution. I had worked for my alma mater, Curry College, after graduation and enjoyed working in education. Although Commonwealth Medicine has become much more business-like, it still has its roots in academia.

What do you love most about the work that you do?
I enjoy the variety of the work I do and the chance to work with many different groups within Commonwealth Medicine. I get to design and develop websites, design marketing materials, and do some photography. Also, because I work for the Marketing Analytics Department, I get to help a variety of people and groups and this has helped me to better understand all aspects of this complex organization.

What is the practical application of your work?
I build websites for Commonwealth Medicine and the centers and programs within it. I also design a variety of marketing materials to promote the work that’s done by Commonwealth Medicine. What I do helps to promote the work that Commonwealth Medicine does, and by extension, the University.

Which trait do you most admire in yourself?
I like being creative. And being able to create something new.

What’s the question you’re most often asked about your work—and the answer?

Q: Can you help me?
A: Yes

Describe yourself in six words or fewer.
Independent, creative, loyal, caring, dedicated

If you were stranded on a deserted island, name three things you would want.
Food, water and my iPhone (so addicted to that thing).

If you could have dinner with a famous person, living or dead, who would that be and why?
Carl Sagan. I’m intrigued by astronomy and the cosmos. I think he’s a fascinating person, part scientist and part philosopher. I would have loved to have had a conversation with him.

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work?
I went to school for photography, so in my free time I do fine art photography and have exhibited my work in several juried exhibitions. I also love to cook. I do all the cooking in my household, which works well with the fact that I love to eat.

What do you consider the most interesting thing about yourself that most people might not know (and you would want to tell them).
My wife and I adopted two of our three sons from South Korea. They are half-brothers too, having the same birthmother.