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UMMS’ MassBiologics receives $5 million to fund viral vector manufacturing facility

MassBiologics received a $5 million grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to support construction of a viral vector manufacturing facility, the first of its kind in Massachusetts. In this video, Executive Vice Chancellor Mark Klempner explains the therapeutic potential of viral vectors and why MassBiologics was chosen to receive this grant.

Luzuriaga: Case of second baby apparently cleared of HIV offers more hope for early therapy

News that a second baby born with HIV appears to have been cleared of infection after early and aggressive treatment is further evidence that early therapy may be the key to achieving remission, said immunologist Katherine Luzuriaga, MD, who is working on both cases.

Alpha-1 Project looks to UMMS to develop testing tool

Researchers at the UMass Medical School have been commissioned by the Alpha-1 Project to develop a PiZ antibody, an essential tool for testing potential therapies for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.