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Colleagues and friends join Cellucci Tribute Road Race Saturday to benefit ALS research at UMMS

Gov. Patrick is scheduled to be on hand on Saturday, Aug. 2, to welcome participants to the inaugural Governor Cellucci Tribute Road Race. The event celebrates the late Gov. Paul Cellucci’s many years of distinguished public service and benefits the UMass ALS Cellucci Fund.

NEJM study on robotic bladder surgery may surprise surgeons, Yates tells Reuters

Jennifer K. Yates, MD, comments on the surprising results of a new study comparing robotic bladder surgery to traditional open surgery.

Expert’s Corner: Infertility common but diagnosis, treatments have improved

In this Expert’s Corner video, obstetrician/gynecologist and reproductive medicine pioneer Julia Johnson, MD, gives an update on infertility incidence, causes and diagnosis, and talks about improved success rates for today’s infertility treatments.

DNP drug users risk ‘literally baking to death,’ Boyer tells Reuters

Edward Boyer, MD, PhD, explains to Reuters how the drug DNP, or 2,4-Dinitrophenol, breaks the body’s cycle of making and storing energy and instead releases it as heat.

High school standouts get a taste of medicine

The High School Health Careers summer program at UMass Medical School is giving high-achieving local teens a firsthand education in what health and science careers entail.

Older adults who walk out of necessity are at highest risk for outdoor falls

Older adults are at a greater danger of falling when walking for utilitarian purposes such as shopping and appointments than when walking for recreation, according to a study from UMass Medical School.

UMass Cancer Avatar Institute, Center for Microbiome Research backed by UMass president

The UMass Cancer Avatar Institute and the Center for Microbiome Research, two promising research projects at UMass Medical School, were supported in the latest round of University of Massachusetts President Robert L. Caret’s Science and Technology Initiatives Fund.

Shriver Center autism experts explain new insurance legislation to TV3’s Worcester News Tonight

Amy Weinstock and Maura Buckley of UMass Medical School’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center talked to Charter TV3’s Worcester News Tonight about why they believe a new bill to extend coverage of autism treatment services under public health insurance plans is important for families across Massachusetts.

Expert’s Corner: Sharone Green on threat of chikungunya virus

In our Expert's Corner video, infectious disease expert Sharone Green, MD, says local residents do not have to worry about contracting chikungunya virus at home, but must take the threat seriously if they plan to travel to the Caribbean or other places where it is endemic.

Addiction’s impact on the brain: WBUR reports on neuroscience research at UMMS

Scientists at UMass Medical School are discovering that addiction permanently affects the connections between areas of the brain, making it a complex and hard-to treat disease, according to a new report on WBUR public radio.

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