Program in Neuroscience


Graduate Program Director:David Weaver, Ph.D.  
Journal Club Director:Paul Dobner, Ph.D. 
Student President - Journal Club:Anagha Khandekar, GSBS
Seminar Series Director:Patrick Emery-Le, Ph.D.
Neuroscience Program Secretary:Tara M. Keegan 

Neuroscience Program Office:  
Tara M. Keegan
Phone:(508) 856-6801
Fax:(508) 856-6266

Neurobiology Department Office:
Phone:(508) 856-6148
Fax:(508) 856-6266


For all inquires related to requirements for Medical School (M.D. Program)
admission, please contact
tel. 1.508.856.2323

For information about admission to the Graduate School of Biomedical
Sciences (Ph.D. Program), please see GSBS Admissions requirements
tel. 508.856.4135