Neuroscience Program Faculty and Their Research

Regular GSBS Faculty 

Mark Alkema: 
C. elegans behavorial genetics. 
Neil Aronin: 
Huntington’s disease.
Ingolf Bach: 
Neuronal Cell Fate Specification
Claire Bénard
        Maintenance of nervous system architecture: making it is not good enough
Daryl A. Bosco
        Mechanisms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; protein misfolding
Judson Brewer
        Neuroimaging related to mindfulness training; fMRI in neurofeedback
Robert H. Brown, Jr.
        Chair, Department of Neurology
Vivian Budnik: 
Molecular Mechanisms of Synapse Assembly and Plasticity
Roger Davis: 
Mechanisms by which growth factors regulate cellular proliferation.
Paul Dobner: 
Journal Club Director 
Regulation of neuroendocrine gene expression.
William Dube: 
Developmental disabilities:  Animal models and clinical studies.  
Patrick Emery: 
Seminar Director, 2009-2014
Circadian Rhythms and Photoreception in Drosophila.
Michael Francis: 
Mechanisms of neuronal signaling in C. elegans
Jean A. Frazier:
Neurodevelopmental disorders 
Marc Freeman: 
Unwrapping glial biology in Drosophila. 
Kensuke Futai:
        The roles of inhibitory neurons in neuropsychiatric diseases
Fen-Biao Gao
        Neuronal MicroRNAs and Neurodegeneration
Paul Gardner: 
Molecular analyses of ion channel genes and signal transduction pathways during neuronal differentiation.  Developmental studies of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene expression. Ion channel gene expression in schizophreniza.
Edward Ginns: 
Translational studies of neuropsychiatric disorders. Gene mapping, pharmacogenetics and gene expression profiling.  Transgenic and knock-out animal models.  Enyzme replacement and gene transfer therapies. Basic and clinical studies of lysosomal storage disorders.
Lawrence J. Hayward: 
Ion channelopathies, motor neuron disease, and Neuromuscular Channelopathies.
David N. Kennedy:
        Neuroimaging and Neuroinformatics
Hemant Khanna:
        Photoreceptor Cell Biology
Daniel Kilpatrick: 
Transcriptional control of neurogenesis.
Jean King: 
Post-traumatic stress disorder.
William Kobertz: 
Structure, function and modulation of ion channels.
John E. Landers
        Genetics of Familial and Sporadic ALS
José Lemos: 
Stimulus-secretion coupling at nerve terminals.
Jack Leonard:
        Cellular and Molecular Events that Mediate Thyroid Hormone Action in the Brain
Hong-Sheng Li: 
Neuronal signal transduction and degeneration in the fly eye
Carlos Lois:
Assembly of neuronal circuits, neuronal replacement, and the cellular mechanisms of behavior
Gilles Martin:
        Drugs of abuse and memory
William McIlvane: 
Interdisciplinary studies of developmental disabilities
Haley E. Melikian: 
Cocaine- and antidepressant-sensitive monoamine transporters. Emphasis on transporter trafficking, regulation, and transporter structure-function relationships.
Teresa Mitchell: 
Cross-Model Development and Plasticity.
Constance Moore:
        Neuroimaging Research
Melissa J. Moore:
        Eukaryotic RNA Processing and Metabolism
Maria Morabito: 
Regulation of Excitatory Synapses in Development and Disease.
David Paydarfar: 
Basis of oscillatory nerve activity.
Claudio Punzo:
        Neuro-Degeneration in the Retina
Steven M. Reppert: 
Molecular neuroethology. (Reppert Lab)
Joel Richter: 
Translational control of synaptic plasticity, learning, and memory.
Ann Rittenhouse: 
Calcium channels and neuronal plasticity.
Evgeny Rogaev: 
Molecular genetic mechanisms of neuropsychiatric diseases and dementia.
Alonzo Ross: 
        Phosphatidylinositol phosphatase, PTEN, CNS stem cells, and NGF signal transduction.
Anthony J. Rothschild, M.D.:
        Psychopharmacologic Research and Treatment of Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Schizophrenia
Sean P. Ryder
        RNA binding proteins; post-transcriptional regulation of myelin formation and nematode development
Charles Sagerström: 
        Zebrafish developmental neurobiology
Gary Schwarting: 

        Glycoproteins which regulate axon guidance and migration of neurons in the developing olfactory system.
William J. Schwartz: 
On the Neurobiology of Circadian Timekeeping.
Andrew Tapper: 
Neurobiology of Addiction.
Ajay Wakhloo, M.D.
John Walsh: 
Modulation of ion channel activity.
David Weaver: 
Graduate Program Director 
Molecular physiology of circadian rhythms.
Yang Xiang:
Zuoshang Xu:
Neuronal cytoskeleton and motor neuron disease.
Nanyin Zhang
        Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Jianhua Zhou: 
Molecular Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases.
Ronghua ZhuGe: 
Intracellular localized Ca2+ signaling.
Douglas M Ziedonis:
Substance abuse disorders; addiction co-occurence with mental illness.

Adjunct and Special GSBS Faculty

Susan Billings-Gagliardi: 
Developmental genetics, experimental study of myelin,cytological and ultrastructural methods.
Lawrence Lifshitz: 
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Joshua J. Singer:
Ion channel behavior and cellular physiological and biochemical processes.
Thomas W. Smith:
        Clinical Neuropathology
William Stoothoff:
Sonia Ortiz-Miranda:
Scott Waddell:
        Drosophila Olfactory Memory