Neurology Fellowships

 "UMassMemorial Health Care is a fantastic place to train as a physician.  There is a diverse mix of cases across a population of patients that are very much engaged in their care, creating an amazing learning environment."
Anthony Izzo, D.O.
Resident Alumnus 
Department of Neurology

The Neurology Department offers a variety of opportunities for Fellowships which provide the ability to pursue clinical or basic research goals while training in specialized fields in Neurology. Neurophysiology offers both clinical training and basic research opportunities in areas such as the preeminent ALS laboratory of Dr. Robert Brown. The Neuro-immunology and Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship offers broad training in multidisciplinary treatment of these disorders and for participation in clinical research. In Vascular Neurology, the Fellows become part of an award winning team focused on the treatment and prevention of stroke. Our Movement Disorders Fellowship applies training from evaluation to treatment with opportunities for both clinical and basic research application. 

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