Research Interests

Current Research - Completed

1. Epidemiology and Clinical Importance of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in the NIC NICU
- Principal Investigator: Jennifer Daly, MD
- Co-Investigator: Francis J. Bednarek, MD
- Completed Summer, 1993

2. Exosurf-Survanta Randomized Study Trial -- Vermont-Oxford Trials Network.
- Memorial Health Care Site Coordinator: Francis J. Bednarek, MD
- Completed October, 1993

3. Normative Values for Pulse Oximetry in the Newborn.
- A six month study which took place in the Memorial Nurseries -- October, 1993 - April, 1994
- Principal Investigators: Griffin BE, Pollack P, and Levesque B
- Completed April, 1994

4. Vermont-Oxford Data Network -- yearly data
- Data on < 23 weeks gestation infants
- UMass Memorial Health Care Site Coordinator: Francis J. Bednarek, MD
- Completed January, 1996

5. Effect on Bilirubin Removal During Exchange Transfusion Using Blood with Either a High or Low Hematocrit
- Principal Investigator: Joel H. Weiner, MD

6. Treatment of VLBW Infants Colonized and/or Infected by Myoplasma/Ureaplasma Double-blind Randomized Prospective Study on Effect on Chronic Lung Disease
- Principal Investigator: Joel H. Weiner, MD

7. Illness Severity and Practice Variation Among Newborn ICU's
-Principal Investigator: Doug Richardson, MD, Boston Children's Hospital
-AHCPR Grant
-UMass Memorial Health Care Site Coordinators: Francis J. Bednarek, MD and Stuart A. Weisberger, MD

Current Research Projects - On-Going

1. Effects of High vs. Low Positive End Expiratory Pressures on Lung Compliance in Infants with RDS Post Surfactant Administration: A Prospective Randomized Crossover Study.
-Bean SA, Cleary JP, Bednarek FJ, Griffin BE

2. Platelet Reactivity in Preterm Infants: Effect of Indocin on Platelet Reactivity and Relation of Abnormal Platelet Reactivity on IVH in Preterm Infants <1000 grams.
-Principal Investigator: Francis J. Bednarek, MD

3. Correlation Between Hemangiomas and Retinopathy of Prematurity in Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) Infants <1500 grams.
-Principal Investigator: Francis J. Bednarek, MD

4. Percutaneous Central Venous Catheter (PCVL) Study
-Principal Investigator: James W. Pellegrini, MD

5. Renal Calcification in Premature Infants: Epidemiological Study of Patient Diagnosis and Evidence.
-Site Investigators: F. Bednarek, MD and J. Weiner, MD
-Principal Investigator: Thomas Campfield, MD, Baystate Medical Center

6. Mutual Bedding of Preterm Siblings: A Prospective Cross-over Design Pilot Study
-Principal Investigators: Stephen A. Bean, MD, Gayle Kasparian, RN.

7. Vitamin C and Nephrocalcinosis Study.
-Site Investigators: 

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