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Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship

Administrative Goals

Clinical Experience

Clinical Responsibilities


Neonatal Procedures


First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Second Year Graphic Summary

NICU Clinical
4-5 months

Role: Supervises Residents and Medical Students
Supervisor: Neonatal Attending
Patient Number: 27
Location: UMass Memorial Health Care - Memorial Campus

Same as the first year.

1 month

Role: Observation
Supervisor: Elective Coordinator-Phyllis Pollack, MD
Location: Boston Children's Hospital

Rounds on ICU cardiac patients, observes catherizations, observes cardiac surgery and postop care, attends cardiology teaching rounds, views EKG's and ECHO's.

Research/Administrative Developmental
5-6 months

Role: Clinical/basic research
Supervisor: Faculty Mentor/ Program Director
Location: UMass Memorial Health Care - Memorial & UMass Campus', Other

Completes design of research project(s), attains Human Study approval, initiates patient enrollment, starts projects and data collection, analyzes data, presents at neonatal research meeting, prepares abstract, attends regional and national research meetings, attends research and multi-disciplinary meetings, and journal club. Updates neonatal handouts. Attends courses on biostatistics, data analysis, and lab techniques. Does data analysis on a neonatal disease and outcome from UMass Memorial Health Care - NICU database. Continues administrative as first year. Attends developmental clinic 1/2 day per week on non-NICU rotation.

Vacation: 1 month