Project Administration

We began groundwork for our reaccreditation and site visit in March 2011, with the implementation of a team charged with making preparations for the self-study process. Over the next 18 months various groups and committees will work together to describe, appraise and project institutional commitments for CIHE standards by interviewing students, faculty and staff and analyzing the results to write an executive report. The report will be broadly distributed throughout UMass Worcester and our community.

Please mark your calendar for October 21-24, 2012 for our Comprehensive Evaluation site visit.

Four Phases of NEASC Accreditation

Phase I Assembly of a database of institutional facts and figures and a comprehensive review of tools used for assessment of student success and achievement 
Phase II A self-study to evaluate how well UMass Worcester is meeting the Commission’s Standard for Accreditation and makes realistic, specific projections for improvement
Phase IIIA Comprehensive Evaluation site visit scheduled for October 21-24, 2012, by a team of trained professionals from peer and aspirant institutions, which provides a valuable external perspective to UMass Worecester and to the Commission
Phase IVA review and decision by the Commission

UMMS Project Teams Project Timelines 
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Accreditation Steering Committee 
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