Kathleen Mazor, EdD 

Associate Professor of Medicine, UMass Medical School


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1979        BA            University of Massachusetts, Amherst

1985        MS            Eastern Washington University

1993        EdD           University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Mazor is a psychometrician and health services researcher with a particular interest in doctor-patient communication. She is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her research interests relate to the disclosure of medical errors, health literacy, and medication adherence, with a strong focus on the patient's perspective.

Dr. Mazor has extensive experience in developing and validating instruments to measure knowledge, attitudes and beliefs in patients and providers. Dr. Mazor previously served as the Director of the Research and Evaluation Division of the Office of Medical Education at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She brings expertise in psychometrics, measurement, quantitative and qualitative research methods, program evaluation, and medical education research to the Institute.


physician-patient communication, disclosure, health literacy, psychometrics

Selected Publications

Mazor KM, Sabin JE, Goff SL, Smith DH, Rolnick S, Roblin D, Raebel MA, Herrinton LJ, Gurwitz JH, Boudreau D, Meterko V, Dodd KS, Platt R. Cluster Randomized Trials to Study the Comparative Effectiveness of Therapeutics: Stakeholders’ Concerns and Recommendations. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 18(7):554-61, 2009.


Mazor KM, Dodd K, Kunches L. Communicating Hospital Infection Data to the Public: A Study of Consumer Responses and Preferences. American Journal of Medical Quality. 2009;24:108-115.


Mazor KM, Canavan C, Farrell M, Margolis MJ, Clauser BE. Collecting Validity Evidence for an Assessment of Professionalism: Findings from Think-Aloud Interviews. Academic Medicine. 2008. 83:S9-12.


Mazor KM, Baril J, Dugan E, Spencer F, Burgwinkle P, Gurwitz JH. Patient Education About Anticoagulant Medication: Is Narrative Evidence or Statistical Evidence More Effective? Patient Education and Counseling. 2007; 26:145-157.


Mazor, KM, Simon SR, Yood RA, Martinson BC, Gunter MK, Reed GW, Gurwitz JH. Health plan members’ views about disclosure of medical errors. Annals of Internal Medicine, 2004;140:409-418.


“A better understanding of the effect of full disclosure of medical errors on the physician-patient relationship is needed.”

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Meyers Primary Care Institute
630 Plantation Street
Worcester, MA 01605

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Tel: 508-791-7392
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