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Medical Grand Rounds Archive

 Video Date Topic Speaker
2010 gr play 9/26/13“Influenza: The History and Promise of the Future” Robert W. Finberg, MD, Richard M. Haidack Professor of Medicine Professor - Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Chair, Department of Medicine
UMASS Medical School
UMASS Memorial Medical Center  
2010 gr play 9/12/13 “Targeting the Fanconi Anemia/BRCA Pathway in Cancer Therapy” Alan D’Andrea, MD - Chief, Division of Genomic Stability and DNA Repair
Dana Farber Cancer Institute 
2010 gr play 10/18/12 "Menopause: New Information About the Natural Process"Julia V. Johnson, MD - Professor and Chair Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology UMass Medical School 
2010 gr play 10/11/12“Safety of Biologics” 

John Cush, MD - Director of Clinical Rheumatology - Baylor Research Institute - Professor of Medicine and Rheumatology - Baylor University Medical Center

2010 gr play 10/04/12“Lou Gehrig’s Disease: Lessons from Genetics” Robert Brown, Jr., DPhil, MD - Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology UMASS Medical School 
2010 gr play9/20/12"Antiplatelet Therapy: Aggregate Knowledge"

Alan D. Michelson, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Director, Center for Platelet Research Studies Director, Thrombosis Program and Anticoagulation Service Boston Children's Hospital/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

2010 gr play6/07/12"RBC Transfusion Trigger: How Low Can You Go”Jeffrey L. Carson, MD Richard C. Reynolds Professor of Medicine Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine - UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
2010 gr play5/13/12"Approach to the evaluation of anemia in the elderly; thoughts of a Bostonian trained hematologist"John M. Bennett, MD Professor Emeritus of Medicine University of Rochester
2010 gr play 5/03/12"Antiretrovirals for HIV Prevention: Current Status, Promise and Questions"Kenneth Mayer, MD Fenway Health Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Harvard Medical School 
2010 gr play5/03/12 "Fetal Origins of Adult Hypertension and Renal Disease"Barry Brenner, MD Director, Emeritus, Renal Division Brigham & Women’s Hospital 
2010 gr play4/26/12 “The Biomarkers of Diabetes: Is HbA1c the Right Answer”Irl B. Hirsch, MD Professor of Medicine University of Washington Medical Center-Roosevelt 
2010 gr play4/12/12"Pheochromocytoma: The Gray Tumor"Neil Aronin, MD Chief of Endocronology UMass Medical School
2010 gr play3/22/12"Hepatitis B Update"

Anna Lok, MD Professor of Internal Medicine University of Michigan Medical Center

2010 gr play2/16/12“Mindful Eating: Research Evidence and Clinical Application for Weight Management”Jean Kristeller, MD Professor of Psychology Indiana State University President, The Center for Mindful Eating
2010 gr play2/9/12“Safety Net Hospitals: Is Health Insurance Reform a Help or Hindrance”LeRoi Hicks, MD Chief, Division of Hospital Medicine. Department of Medicine UMASS Memorial Medical Center UMASS Medical School
2010 gr play2/2/12PAI-1 Antagonists: Refining the Drugs and Defining the TargetsDouglas Vaughan, MD Irving S. Cutter Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
n/a12/15/11[NO RECORDING]
Therapeutic Strategies in Lymphoma Based on Functional and Structural Genomics
Louis Staudt, MD, PhD Deputy Chief, Metabolism Branch Center for Cancer Research National Cancer Institute, NIH
2010 gr play12/08/11Role of Patient-Facing Technologies in the Era of Healthcare ReformDavid Ahern, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychology Harvard Medical School Psychologist, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
2010 gr play12/01/11Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia:
Implications for Cardiovascular Health

S. Ananth Karumanchi, MD Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School
Investigator, HHMI
Attending Nephrologist, Beth Israel Hospital

2010 gr play11/17/11GPS for Regenerative Medicine: Optimizing Stem Cell TherapeuticsRobert Sackstein, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine & Dermatology Harvard Medical School
2010 gr play


Medical Futility: When Is Enough Enough?”Robert Truog, MD, MA FCCM Director of Clinical Ethics Professor of Medical Ethics Harvard Medical School
2010 gr play11/03/11 Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy: New Insights Into Pathogenesis and Treatment [Partial]George William Dec, Jr., MD Chief, Cardiology Division Co-Director Heart Center Massachusetts General Hospital
2010 gr play


Barrett’s Esophagus: An Update

Stuart Spechler, MD, AGAF, FACG, FRCP Vice Chief, Division of Digestive and Liver Diseases University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

2010 gr play


Teacher of the Year and Resident Awards

Richard M. Forster, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine Vice Chair for Graduate Medical EducationProgram Director, Internal Medicine ResidencyUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School Umassmemorial Health Care

2010 gr play


Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis: An Epidemic of Gadolinium Toxicity

Jonathan Kay, MD Director of Clinical Research, Rheumatology Professor of Medicine UMASS Medical School



UMass and the Telemedicine Movement

Craig Lilly, MD Professor of Medicine, Anesthesiology & Surgery Medical Director, eICU Support Center Program UMass Memorial Medical Center UMASS Medical School

2010 gr play


An Update in the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Mihaela Blendea, MD Division of Endocrinology UMASS Medical School





Translational Significance of Melanoma Stem Cells

George F. Murphy, MD Professor of Pathology Harvard Medical School Director, Program in Dermatopathology Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

2010 gr play


Challenges Related to Red Cell Transfusion in Alloimmunized Sickle Cell Patients

Vishesh Chhibber, MD Associate Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine UMass Memorial Medical Center





2010 gr play


Comprehensive Care for the Teen and Adult With Down Syndrome

Beverly Hay, MD, Department of Pediatrics
UMass Medical School & UMass Memorial Medical Center
Jo Ann Simons
CEO/President, Cardinal Cushing Centers, Inc.

2010 gr play


Medical Grand Rounds: Management and Prevention of Frailty in Older Adults: What Can Our Most Complex Patients Teach Us

George A. Kuchel, MD, CM
Professor of Medicine
University of Connecticut Health Center

2010 gr play


From Cell Crawling Research to Inflammation Control

Thomas Stossel, MD
Director, Translational Medicine Division
Brigham & Women's Hospital


Department of Medicine
 UMass Medical School
 55 Lake Ave North
 Worcester MA 01655