Centers of Excellence

Leadership in Translations Medicine and Science

The Department of Medicine is proud of its affiliation with the following Centers of Excellence

Cancer Center of Excellence

The Cancer Center of Excellence focus is translational oncology research. The underlying principle of the center is to combine an understanding of the biology of cancer with innovative and effective measures for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
Dr. Blute specializes in urinary tract reconstruction in bladder cancer patients; the localization and clinical significance of tumor suppression genes in prostate cancer; and pioneering surgical techniques in advanced renal cancer.

  • Alan Rosmarin, MD professor of medicine and division chief of Hematology/Oncology, has an established research program focused on hematologic malignancies with a special interest in acute leukemia.

Cardiovascular Center of Excellence 

The Cardiovascular Center of Excellence is directed by Dr. John Keaney, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine and Dr. Louis Messina, Chief of Vascular Surgery. Drs. Keaney and Messina have identified several themes of interest to the Cardiovascular Center that are in alignment with UMass expertise and priorities.

  • Robert Goldberg, MD leads a team of investigators in community-based studies of natural history and primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease, heart failure, and deep venous thrombosis.
  • Ira Ockene, MD leads a program focused on the prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes in underserved populations.
  • Marcus Cooper, MD is a young clinical investigator investigating therapies that promote brown versus white fat development.

Diabetes Center of Excellence

David M. Harlan, MD, PhD, the diabetes branch chief at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the NIH, is joining UMass Medical School and the UMass Memorial Health Care as director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence and division chief of diabetes; he will also be the associate director of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center.

Dr. Harlan expects to quickly focus on three significant goals: to build a patient-centered clinical care system that provides the most up-to-date therapies, while also exploring new treatment methods; to build on the strengths of the basic research already underway and expand investigation into autoimmune disease; and to promote translational research and bring promising laboratory advances safely into clinical trials.

Musculoskeletal Center of Excellence

The Musculoskeletal Center of Excellence is directed by Dr. David Ayers, Chair, Department of Orthopedics and Dr. Ellen Gravallese, Chief, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine. Drs. Ayers and Gravallese have identified several themes of interest to the Musculoskeletal Center that are in alignment with UMass expertise and priorities.

  • Dr. Ellen Gravallese‚Äôs research interests have focused on focal bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis and the relationship of articular and systemic bone loss.
  • Dr. Leslie Harrold has a mentored career development award from NIAMS/NIH focused on the assessment and improvement of medication adherence in gout arthritis.

Source: Office of the Vice Provost for Research