Transfer Applicants

The MD/PhD Program at UMass Medical School accepts both internal and external applications from students enrolled in medical school with a strong background in biologically and/or physically based research science.

External Transfers 

Students interested in the possibility of transferring to the MD/PhD Program at UMass Medical School should direct inquiries to the Admissions Office and the MD/PhD Program Administrator. Transfer applications are accepted January - May of the academic year the applicant is seeking transfer. Information regarding current policy on transfers, application forms and instructions for applying will be sent to all potential applicants.

Internal Transfers

Students enrolled at UMass Medical School who are interested in applying to the MD/PhD Program should contact the Program Administrator to discuss the application process and opportunity. Each applicant must submit his or her original AMCAS application, and a letter of recommendation from an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate research advisor. If the application does not include one already, the applicant must provide a “Significant Research” and “MD/PhD” essay.