Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I send letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation, if not sent electronically, can be mailed to UMass Medical School, Office of Admissions, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester MA 01655. Or you can call them at 508-856-2323.

Where can I find an application for admission?

Applicants for the MD/PHD Program must submit an application to the Medical School via the American Medical Colleges Application System (AMCAS).

When can I begin my studies?

Enrolled students start Medical School in August of the academic year. All students complete a lab rotation during the summer prior to Medical School.

When and how are admissions decisions communicated?

All offers of admission, including MD/PhD applications, come from the Office of Admissions at UMass Medical School. They will communicate with you by email and hard copy.

What is the deadline for accepting my application to the MD/PhD Program at UMass?

The AMCAS application system opens on June 1st of every year and the deadline to open an application for UMass in the AMCAS system is November 1. The deadline for all of your materials to be at the Office of Admissions at UMass is December 15.

What is the application fee and how do I pay it?

The AMCAS application fee for one school is $160 plus $35 for each additional Medical School. The UMass secondary application fee is waived for MD/PhD applicants.

What factors are considered in the selection of MD-PhD applicants?

All sections of the application are given consideration including academics, MCAT, research background, letters of recommendation, application essays and experience.

What are the average MCAT and GPA scores of students in the program?

The average MCAT is 34 and the average GPA is 3.6.

What are the admissions requirements?

The requirements include those required by the Medical School and can be found In addition, the MD/PhD Program requires a strong research background and three letters of recommendation including one from your current research advisor.

Is it necessary for me to be in contact with a faculty member in whose research I am interested?

Faculty welcome contact by entering students interested in their research. If you are planning to complete a summer lab rotation prior to Medical School, it is imperative that you contact faculty members whose research interests you. This is how you will learn about summer lab rotation openings.

If I am not accepted into the MD/Ph.D. program, will I still be considered for medical school admissions?

No.  If you want to be considered for the MD only pool, you should contact the MD/PhD Program Administrator to change the status of your application prior to the December 15th deadline.

I got an interview! How do I prepare? What should I be prepared to discuss?

You can prepare for your interview by researching the UMass website and learning more about the research and clinical opportunities here. This information can then be discussed as it relates to your own research and clinical interests.

How many applications do you receive each year? How many are admitted? How many enroll?

We receive approximatley 150 applications to the program. The number of students we accept varies each year; we enroll 8-12 students each fall.

How many applicants do you interview?

The Program interviews approximately 40 applicants each year.

How do I find out about the status of my application?

Contact the Medical School Office of Admissions at

Do you allow enrolled UMass medical students to transfer into the program?

Yes, first year medical students can apply to the MD/PhD Program.

Do I complete a separate application to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences?

No, all applicants apply through the American Medical Colleges Application System (AMCAS). You do not need to complete a second application for the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Can international students (non-permanent residents) apply and would they be funded?

All applicants and students must be US citizens or Permanent Residents. All students in the MD/PhD Program are funded by the institution, and MSTP grant and research faculty.

Are interview travel expenses reimbursed?

No, interview travel is not reimbursed. However, if you are in need of local accommodations, we will pay for a hotel room for the night prior to the interview.

Are accepted applicants invited back for a second visit?

We invite accepted applicants to the Annual MD/PhD Retreat held in late March. This is a one day retreat and we cover the cost of travel and two nights’ hotel accommodations.


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