Making the CA$E for Drug Company Independence


Welcome to the Marketing of Medicines homepage at the Meyers Primary Care Institute, a joint venture of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Reliant Medical Group, and Fallon Community Health Plan.


Tools for Prescriber Decision-Making

95E964A3-4F8E-4ABD-9675-44A2936CB54C@local Freely accessible, interactive tools for prescribers and educators

95E964A3-4F8E-4ABD-9675-44A2936CB54C@local Supporting informed prescription decision making and communication skills

95E964A3-4F8E-4ABD-9675-44A2936CB54C@local Free online self-study and CME modules


Our topics include:

(1) Pharmaceutical Development and Regulation  

(2) Evidence-Based Medicine

(3) Pharmaceutical Marketing

(4) Organizational Influences on Prescribing

(5) Communicating with Patients

(6) Prescriber-Pharmaceutical Representative Communication


To view or download any of these 20 minute educational modules please click on a topic above.




            For Free CME credit, please see the "free CME" link on each module page. Provider-Pharmaceutical Representative (PR) Communication; Communicating with Patients; Organizational Influences on Prescribing; and Pharmaceutical Marketing are accredited in the area of medical ethics and/or professional responsibility.

            You can also download helpful Word or PDF documents (which are also PDA downloadable) from Evidence-Based Medicine, Communicating with Patients, or Prescriber-Pharmaceutical Representative Communication to reinforce these skills.



            You can download all of the elements of our interactive online curriculum for incorporation into your own lectures or small group teaching.



The resources on this page were designed to help prescribers (nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants and others), trainees in these fields, and teachers of the next generation. They were developed by faculty of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with funding from the Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Education Grant Program. All materials linked on this page are freely available for use in your own education and teaching. The contents of these modules are accurate at the time of publication.







 Continuing education sponsors:

 All of the activities were jointly sponsored by The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the Federation of State Medical Board’s Research and Education Foundation.


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