MaPS Faculty

FacultyDegree(s)Title/RankResearch Description
AJJacobson, AllanPh.D.Professor and ChairCytoplasmic Aspects of the Post-transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression
McCormick, BethMcCormick, BethPh.D.   

Professor and
Vice Chair

Mucosal inflammation, host: pathogen interactions, and cancer biology.
Samuel Behar, MD, PhDBehar, SamuelM.D., Ph.D.   Professor 

Innate and Acquired Mechanisms of Immunity to Tuberculosis


JonassenJonassen, Julie A.Ph.D.ProfessorRegulation of the Growth, Differentiation and Death of Epithelial Cells.
LemosLemos, José R.Ph.D.ProfessorStimulus-secretion Coupling at Nerve Terminals
LeonardLeonard, Jack L.Ph.D.ProfessorCellular and Molecular Events that Mediate Thyroid Hormone Action in the Brain
MccollumMcCollum, Dan Ph.D.ProfessorMolecular Mechanisms which Regulate Cytokinesis
MorrisonMorrison, TrudyPh.D.ProfessorMechanisms of Paramyxovirus Membrane Fusion, Assembly of Paramyxoviruses, Development of Virus Vaccines
/uploadedImages/MaPS/Faculty/sandersonsm(1).jpgSanderson, Michael J.Ph.D.ProfessorIntercellular Ca2+ Signaling
StavnezerStavnezer, JanetPh.D.ProfessorMechanism and Regulation of Antibody Class Switch Recombination
VolkertVolkert, MichaelPh.D.ProfessorDNA Repair and Damage Prevention Genes
WoodlandWoodland, RobertPh.D.ProfessorRegulation of B Cell Survival Control of Virus Expression by Lymphocyte Activators
BakerBaker, RichardPh.D.Associate ProfessorMolecular Mechanisms of Chromosome Segregation
DobnerDobner, PaulPh.D.Associate ProfessorRegulation of Neuroendocrine Gene Expression
GersteinGerstein, RachelPh.D.Associate ProfessorDevelopmental regulation of V(D)J recombination and B cell development.
GoguenGoguen, JonPh.D.Associate ProfessorFunction and Regulation of Virulence Genes in the Plague Bacillus, Yersinia pestis
JennessJenness, DuanePh.D.Associate ProfessorCell-Surface Receptors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
KilpatrickKilpatrick, Daniel L.Ph.D.Associate ProfessorTranscriptional Programming of Neuronal Differentiation and its Linkage to CNS Disorders
KowalikKowalik, TimPh.D.Associate ProfessorCell activation and DNA viruses
PryciakPryciak, PeterPh.D.Associate ProfessorSignal Transduction and Cell Polarity
PlaceholderRittenhouse, Ann R.Ph.D.Associate ProfessorCalcium Channels and Neuronal Plasticity
Christopher Sassetti

Sassetti, Christopher

Ph.D.Associate Professor

Pathogenesis of tuberculosis

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ZhugeZhuge, RonghuaPh.D.Associate Professor

Smooth Muscle in Health and Disease 

BrassBrass, AbrahamM.D., Ph.D.   Assistant ProfessorIFITM family of anti-viral proteins
/uploadedImages/MaPS/Faculty/LitvakV.jpgLitvak, VladimirPh.D.Assistant ProfessorTranscriptional and epigenetic regulation of antiviral immunity

Research Faculty


Schmidt, MadelynPh.D.Associate ProfessorGene therapy approaches to treat genetic immunodeficiencies

He, Feng

Ph.D.Assistant Professor 
MurphyMurphy, KenanPh.D.Assistant ProfessorDouble-stranded DNA break repair in Escherichia coli, Recombineering technology for gene replacement in bacterial pathogens
PlaceholderOrtiz-Miranda, Sonia I.Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorOpioid effects on ion channels and neuropeptide release
PlaceholderSchrader, CarolPh.D.Assistant Professor 
PlaceholderTuft, Richard APh.D.Assistant ProfessorDevelopment of New Optical/Electronic Microscopes
PlaceholderPapavinasasundaram, KadambaPh.D.Instructor 


PlaceholderGoodman,H. MauricePh.D.Professor Emeritus 
PlaceholderGrigg, PeterPh.D.Professor Emeritus 
PlaceholderSinger, Joshua J.Ph.D.Professor  
PlaceholderTipper, DonaldPh.D.Professor Emeritus 

Affiliated Faculty


Flotte, Terence R.M.D.Executive Deputy Chancellor, Provost and Dean, School of MedicinePediatrics - Pulmonology & Allergy
Finberg, Robert W.M.D.Professor and Chair, Department of MedicineMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Cheesesman, Sarah J.M.D.ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Desrosiers, Ronald C.Ph.D.ProfessorNew England Primate Research Center
Ellison, Richard T.M.D.ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Ennis, Francis A.M.D.ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Gao, GuangpingPh.D.ProfessorGene Therapy Center
Glew, RichardM.D.ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Golenbock, Douglas T.M.D.ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Levitz, Stuart M.M.D.ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Newburger, Peter E.M.D.ProfessorPediatrics - Hematology/Oncology
Rothstein, Ann M.Ph.D.ProfessorMedicine - Rheumatology
Sullivan, John L.M.D.ProfessorMolecular Medicine and Pediatrics
Welsh, RaymondPh.D.ProfessorPathology
Clapham, Paul R.Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMolecular Medicine
Johnson, Robert P.M.D.Associate ProfessorNew England Primate Research Center
Lien, EgilPh.D.Associate ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Silverman, Neal S.Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMedicine - Infectious Diseases
Schandel, Kimberly A. Ph.D.Associate ProfessorAssumption College        
DeCrescenzo/Cairns, Valerie  Ph.D. Assistant Professor