Lamar Soutter Library

Message from the Director

  Photo of Elaine Martin

Elaine R. Martin, MSLS, DA
Director of Library Services

On behalf of our staff, I welcome you to the Lamar Soutter Library and the library's website located at Our goal is to provide for the information needs of students, faculty, staff, health care providers, researchers, and the general public. We strive to make information resources, whether online or in print, conveniently accessible and easy to use. Our staff offers in-person and distance-based assistance in finding and using library resources. As we progress through the 21st century, the words that best characterize the Lamar Soutter Library are best captured by its slogan, the LSL: a Legacy of Service and Learning. We are committed to positioning the library as both the intellectual and cultural hub of the institution by:

  • Selecting, providing, organizing and managing a collection of print and electronic resources that meet the needs of the University of Massachusetts-Worcester
  • Promoting a commitment to customer/person centered service
  • Addressing the education and career needs of staff
  • Enhancing partnerships and collaborations in order to provide new services and resources
  • Supporting the University of Massachusetts-Worcester curricular programs and helping develop the proficiencies of our patrons in retrieving and evaluating the biomedical literature
  • Continuing to assess the information needs of customers and marketing and promoting library services and resources that meet those needs
  • Continuing to develop the library as a place for intellectual and cultural exploration
We hope you find our resources and our website useful tools for your own information needs. Please feel free to contact me by telephone at 508-856-2205 or by email at