Our staff is as diverse as the jobs they do. However, they share a commitment to our mission and an excitement about working here. Learn more! 

"Careers and Years" - Employee Testimonial Videos

UMMS Human Resources’ “Careers and Years” employee testimonial videos represent two different UMMS employees that have different "year spans" of working at the Medical School and MassBiologics. The videos tell the story of an employee’s "Growth” experience and an “Evolve” journey. Click on the images below to learn more about each employee’s journey at UMMS.

Samuel Asiamah
4 Years with MassBiologics
Sam's growth and opportunity experience  
Richard Madison
30 Years with the Medical School
Richard's sponsoring and "giving back" experience

"Values of Working at UMMS" - Employee Testiomonial Videos

UMMS Human Resources’ “Values of Working at UMMS” employee testimonial videos represent five different UMMS employees who tell you what each "values" most about working at the Medical School, Commonwealth Medicine, and MassBiologics. Click on the images below to learn more about each employee’s experience at UMMS.

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