Important information about Mac OS Sierra and Dropbox

If you’re planning to upgrade your users to macOS Sierra, please note this could impact the way Dropbox interacts with your users’ file systems. Here are a few simple steps your users should take to keep things running smoothly:

  • Update to the latest version of the Dropbox desktop client (version 10.4.26). To ensure Dropbox continues to sync properly, users should download the latest version of the desktop client.


  • Keep the Dropbox folder in the default location, not in Desktop or Documents. To prevent any issues, please have your users keep their Dropbox folder in the default location. If your users update to the latest version of the desktop client (10.4.26), it'll walk them through this process.


  • Manage warning notifications. When users move files from an iCloud-synced folder into Dropbox, they may see warning notifications from iCloud. Users can disable these notifications by following these steps.

For more information on Dropbox and macOS Sierra, visit Dropbox help center or Dropbox  blog.

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