DropBox Frequently Asked Questions


What happens after I submit my info?

A member of our team will get back to you within a week with details or invitations.

What happens if I am already paying for a Pro account?

Once you migrate to an enterprise account you will be refunded a pro-ration of your remaining Pro time. For example if you used 6 months of your $100/year plan, you would get a refund of $50 to the original form of payment once you switch to Enterprise

How can I get trained on Dropbox?

We offer training sessions for Dropbox users. Register for a training session near you. 

Can I put personal data on my Dropbox?

Personal data is advised to be on your personal Dropbox that can be linked to your enterprise account. Dropbox support article below explains how to connect both the accounts for ease of use: How do I connect or disconnect my personal and work accounts? 

Do I get to keep my Dropbox business account if I leave the University?

No. Your account license will be deactivated and it is advised prior to any leave of the university to download your personal Dropbox data from your account locally to your computer (or transfer it all to a separate personal Dropbox account)

Are my files able to be seen by other team members?

Everything within your business account is private unless you have created shared folders with other members. However your team admin does have the ability to sign into your account. If you have linked your personal Dropbox with your UMMS Dropbox team admins will not be able to access anything in your personal account.

Can I share items with people outside of the UMMS Dropbox business account?

Yes. You can do this by sending a link to the intended audiences email account. See this Dropbox support article for more info: https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/19

How do I save space on my computer with selective sync?

If your UMMS Dropbox for Business account is extremely large, you may find your hard drive filling up. You can choose which folders to synch to your local machine, using the selective sync feature. Check out the Dropbox article for more details: https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/175

If two people change the same file at the same time, Dropbox won't try to merge the changes .What do I do?

When two people are editing the same file in Dropbox, it will save them as two different copies of the conflict. Please refer to the Dropbox article below to learn more on how to prevent conflicted copies: https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/36

My question is not answered here and/or I need assistance.

Please contact the HelpDesk for any other question or support at UMWHelpdesk@umassmed.edu or 508-856-8643

How safe is the cloud?

To ensure that our cloud partners comply with the legal and compliance needs of the Medical School, a multi-departmental team was formed to apply necessary due-diligence. Click here for their recommendations.

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