Office 365: The Rise of the Cloud!

The Rise of the Cloud: videoconference, chat, socially network, and access email, calendar and contacts from any location using a single, comprehensive suite, with the security and reliability UMMS can expect from Microsoft.

welcome to o365

Office 365 is a suite of products offered by Microsoft to organizations that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services). UMMS IT is currently rolling out Email, Calendar and Skype for business in the first phase of the project.

With Office 365 Email, you will get a 50 GB mailbox, unlimited archive space (.PST) and access to your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar from the devices you use most, from virtually anywhere. With Skype for Business, you can connect and collaborate with colleagues in real time to get work done using instant messaging (IM), audio, video, and web conferencing in online meetings. 

What to expect when we migrate:

  • People who use their desktop outlook client need to login one time with their email address . Nothing in the outlook interface changes for them. For login instructions see below.
  • People who use phone for accessing email and calendar will have to change settings one time. For phone set up instructions see below.
  • People who use web interface will have a new feature rich interface. Click here for training on the new interface.
  • People will have the ability to download Skype for Business for IM & online meetings. Click here to download Skype.

Logon Instructions for workstations

Phone Configuration Instructions

  • iPhone Configuration
  • For Android and Blackbery configurations, please, contact HelpDesk at 508-856-8643.

Changes that affect people with dual accounts at UMass Memorial Medical Center and UMass Medical School:

  • Delegates relationship - You can assign delegates within the same organization but not across organizations. For example, to manage your UMass Memorial Medical Center email and calendar, you will have to assign a UMass Memorial Medical Center user as a delegate and for your UMass Medical School email and calendar you will have to assign a UMass Medical School user as a delegate.
  • Shared public folders within outlook - UMass Memorial Medical Center will be unable to view UMass Medical School public folders, and vice-versa. Any shared folders that need access from both sides would have to be converted to Sharepoint or Dropbox folders.
  • Distribution list management - For shared distribution lists that have both UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Medical Center users only one Organization can own the list. It has to be either UMass Medical School or UMAss Memorial Medical Center.
  • Shared mailbox and resource (such as conference rooom) management  - UMass Medical School users can manage UMass Medical school based mailboxes and resources (conference rooms etc.) only.


I cannot logon to my Outlook account after migrating to O365.

Retype your email address as the user name, and your network password for the password. Remember to use your email address and not the NT user name. example: and NOT doej. If you still have trouble logging in, please call helpdesk at 508-856-8643.

I cannot see my email and calendar on my phone after 0365 migration.

You will have to re-configure your phone to use your email address as user id and network password. For iphone set up instructions, click here. For android and blackberry , please contact helpdesk at 508-856-8643.

Is Internet access required for accessing my email after migration to Office 365?

Internet connectivity is required to access Office 365 cloud services, including email and calendar.

How do I log into O365 Web portal/OWA ?

Go to and  type your email address as the user name, and your network password for the password. Remember to use your email address and not the NT user name. example: and NOT doej

How do I see my folders below my inbox when in OWA in the cloud?

Look for the ‘more’ option in the window pane under the inbox folder. Click on it to see your additional folders.

What are the differences between Outlook on the desktop now and when I migrate to Outlook in the Cloud?

The only difference the user will notice is that they will be prompted to sign-in the first time they access Outlook in the Cloud. The Outlook format they currently have, whether 2010, 2013 or 2016 will remain the same.

What is clutter in Outlook O365?

In Outlook 2016 for Windows, "Clutter" can help you filter low-priority email, saving time for your most important messages. If Clutter isn't for you, you can TURN IT OFF.

For additional information on clutter, please check the link on clutter.

How safe is the cloud?

To ensure that our cloud partners comply with the legal and compliance needs of the Medical School, a multi-departmental team was formed to apply necessary due-diligence. Click here for their recommendations.

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