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EVOS (E*Value Scheduling Optimization )

The E*Value application contains functionality that has replaced our “home grown” CLAS Lottery tool –placing students in third- and fourth-year curriculum and locations.  E*Value calls their functionality Scheduling Optimization as it balances the preferences of the students with the defined requirements of the institution.

E*Value’s optimizer is a secure online scheduling solution designed to improve and automate the entire scheduling process. E*Value utilizes proprietary algorithms that account for all major variables to find the most statistically ideal schedule, resulting in higher satisfaction rates among students and less maintenance for schools.

E*Value Optimized Scheduling collects the schedule preferences of students, educators and staff, and uses a computing methodology to search for the most optimal schedule. Once custom rules and restraints are defined, the optimizer is run to create the schedule. Unlike lottery scheduling, E*Value provides optimized placement, not randomized or draft placement.

Technology Updates

Please note:  When running reports, all filters should be completed in sequence to ensure accuracy.