E*Value: Evaluations

EValue Evaluations Logo All required courses in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Nursing and the School of Medicine are utilizing E*Value’s online Evaluation suite of tools to assess and track performance of students and faculty.

The Evaluation module provides immediate benefits for our faculty, students and administrators who will be able to take advantage of self-service reporting tools such as tracking educational effort as well as centrally monitored longitudinal and ad hoc reporting features.

When you are scheduled to complete an evaluation, an autogenerated email will be sent to your UMass Med email account.  That email will contain a link to the evaluation you are scheduled to complete.  There will be no need to log in to E*Value when accessing an evaluation from an E*Value-autogenerated email. 

However, to view the full complement of evaluation activities, please login to E*Value.  There you will be able to see all of your completed evaluations, any pending evaluations, and any evaluations you may have suspended.  You may also choose to complete an On-the-Fly evaluation.

Please refer to the Online Tutorials listed below.

Contact your Program Administrator if you do not know your login credentials.