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What is E*Value?

E*Value is a web-based evaluation system designed to help manage your health sciences education program. E*Value was developed to help manage, collate, and analyze the volume of information associated with a health sciences education program.

Since E*Value is a web-based system, most users will be able to submit this information conveniently from their place of work or from home. E*Value will provide useful curriculum-specific feedback to each school, its programs and its participants; and will allow for more efficient real time reporting in support of compliance with our accrediting bodies.

By the end of the current academic year all required courses in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Nursing and the School of Medicine will utilize E*Value’s online Evaluation suite of tools to assess and track performance of students and faculty. The Evaluation module will provide immediate benefits for our faculty, students and administrators who will be able to take advantage of self-service reporting tools such as tracking educational effort as well as centrally monitored longitudinal and ad hoc reporting features.

Commencing in January 2013, the Scheduling Optimizer module (EVOS) will replace the lottery-based system of clinical year assignments in the School of Medicine. Additional schools may use the optimizer to assign students to labs and other clinical rotations.

During the remainder of AY12/13 the E*Value project will focus on the planning and implementation of the remaining three modules:

  1. Curriculum Mapping: A detailed tracking and reporting of the content and methodology of the curriculum in all three schools.
  2. Session Scheduling: A detailed calendar view of all scheduled curriculum events.
  3. PxDx:  a tracking tool for online clinical logs in the GSN and SOM.
  4. MyPortfolio:  a document management system designed for students, with enhanced career development tools.

What Can You Do and See in E*Value?

What is available for you to see and do in E*Value is dependent on your rank (Administrator, Educator, Student) and role in your academic program(s).  Please refer to the top navigation links to find online documentation targeted for Administrators, Educational Leadership, Students and/or Faculty.

Technology Updates

Please note:  When running reports, all filters should be completed in sequence to ensure accuracy.