International Schools and Programs

The following is an alphabetical listing of organizations, programs, and other types of possible sites for international experiences. Expanded summaries are provided. Those marked with an asterisk (*) definitely offer pre-clinical opportunities, although others may also. Most that are listed have been used or considered by UMass students or faculty. As the international experiences of the students and faculty grow, so will our knowledge of the different organizations. A list of many additional organizationswithout summaries can be found at the end.

For more information, or if you would like to make contact with an organization listed below, please visit the Office of International Medicine on the third floor of the Benedict Building or check our list of Web Sitesfor the internet address and click directly to the homepage!

We also have a separate list of many language schoolsfor those of you who want to identify one by language or country. Many of these schools are also listed with a description in the list or organizations that immediate follows.

Academia de Español, Quito

A Spanish language school located in the commercial part of modern Quito.

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship

This is a wonderful, fully funded, prestigious three month opportunity in French-speaking Gabon, West Africa. The organization is pleased to report that many previous medical students have reported the experience to be among the most valuable in their medical school career, affecting their lives and career plans. Applications are open to New England medical students only, with four positions available, so the odds are manageable. Working knowledge of French is essential. Applications are due December of third year, and fellowships are conducted either May-July of third year or August-October of fourth year. Mick Godkin has more information in his office, or you can visit the Schweitzer homepage at

This organization looks very interesting: you spend three months in Africa (some other countries) doing a clinical rotation, public health project, or research. The organization specifically focuses on Leprosy and TB. Costs: Tuition, full board, and lodging is $225 per week, plus you cover air fare, VISA, local travel, and medical expenses. Please see Mick Godkin for more information.

All-Africa Leprosy and Rehabilitation Training Center (ALERT)

This program looks very interesting: you spend 3 months in Africa (some other countries) doing a clinical rotation, public health project, or research. The organization specifically focuses on leprosy and TB. Cost: tuition, full board, and lodging is $225 per week, plus you cover air fare, VISA, local travel, and medical expenses. Please see Mick Godkin for more information.

American Baptist Churches, International Ministries

Students and professionals of the Baptist faith are welcome to participate in programs in Haiti, Nicaragua, Thailand, USA, Zaire, and India.

American Bureau for the Medical Advancement of China

This is an excellent opportunity for clinical or research electives of two month duration in Taiwan. This organization will place the student and provides $1300 for airfare. Housing available. Application deadline in May. Email:

American Friends Service Committee

Religious faith is not required for participation. If you have a specific country in mind, this established organization can refer you to a list of names to contact.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The American Medical Student Association has become the largest contact for international medical electives. AMSA publishes a series of books titled International Health Electives for Medical Students. (1993, AMSA, Sixth Edition, Volumes I-IV.) Mick Godkin's office has written to every site listed. You can find the four volumes of electives in his office, applications and literature the sites have sent back in response to the 12/95 inquiry, as well as UMASS student reports on the sites they have attended. The good thing about these sites is that they are accustomed to medical students, and therefore may be better able to accommodate your educational and logistical needs. In addition, their International Health Studies Center offers ëprograms and information resources to promote substantive, responsible, and culturally sensitive international medical experiences for U.S. medical students.

International Health Fellowship Program:

This competitive program, run by AMSA and International Partner Medical Schools, offers 30 fourth-year medical students the opportunity to take part in structured international electives in Asia, Africa or Latin America. It is a two-part program involving an 11-day international medicine course, followed by a six-to-eight week international elective in one of the following countries: Thailand, Colombia, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, India, or Honduras. Emphasis is on community and preventative health. Must design and complete a social service or research project. Experience basic medicine and learn how to provide quality care with minimal resources, challenge your ideas about doctor-patient relationships and the roles of family, religion, culture, and resources in patient care.

Apply in 3rd year for 4th year fellowships in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They provide $1,900-$2,300 to cover your costs. Applications are due March 1.

SALUD, Spanish for Health Professionals:

March 30-April, 24, 1999: for 3rd and 4th year students, applications due November 14, 1998.

June 29-Aug 7, 1999: for 1st and 2nd year students, applications due February 14, 1999.

MedSERVE International:

A collaborative effort of the OPTIONS Program of Project Concern International (PCI) and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Foundationís International Health Studies Center.

Work with experienced preceptors in structured international placements. Help deliver primary health care to underserved communities. Gain in-depth exposure to the cultural, economic, and political forces that influence the cause or prevention of health problems. Countries: Guatemala, Peru, Nepal, The Dominican Republic, The Gambia, Nevis (West Indies), and St. Lucia.

Spring 1999: for 3rd and 4th year students, applications due November 4, 1998.

Summer 1999: for 1st and 2nd year students, applications due February 2, 1999.

Amerispan Unlimited

Philadelphia based organization with sites all over Latin America. They charge a fee for their placement services.

*Amigos de las Americas

Religious faith is not required for participation. Sends high school and college-age volunteers to Latin America to participate in four- to eight- week summer health projects. Volunteers must raise a percentage of program costs through letter-writing and other fund-raising techniques. Katherine Cornell '00 and Ethan Brackett '99 did this program repeatedly - ask them about it, or stop by our office for more information.

Andean Rural Health Care

This organization looks like the chance of a lifetime, based on the information we have. It takes students for rotations in hospitals and primary care "grassroots" sites in Bolivia, Haiti, and South Texas/Mexico. They may not have very many openings. We have lots of information in the file cabinets.

Appalachian Preceptorship (East Tennessee State University)

This is a U.S.A. opportunity for clerkships in the Appalachians, with funding for students who demonstrate financial need. The Appalachian Preceptorship is designed to expose medical students to rural primary care practiced in a manner sensitive to the culture. The preceptorship is available for credit as a required family or ambulatory medicine rotation, or as a senior elective in family medicine or psychiatry. The program is also appropriate as a summer work study program for pre-clinical students.

Baden Powell Institute

An Amerispan language school in Morelia, Mexico.

*Beijing Language and Culture University

EducAsian, Beverly Hills, runs this program that allows for a mix of experience in language and cultural immersion with clinical exposure to both Western and traditional Chinese medicine.

*Benton M. Montgomery Self Memorial Hospital

This organization accepts students for any clinical rotation and serves: Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania, Phillipines, Vietnam, and China.

Bergville District Child Survivor Project

A rural health initiative for children based in Bergville, South Africa. The email address is

Bokaro General Hospital

This hospital in Bihar, India is a good site for anyone looking for a challenge and willing to work independently.

Bugando Medical Center

The contact for this urban hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania is The Maryknoll Missionary Center.

*C.A.S.A. Mexico

Religious faith is not required for participation. This looks like a wonderful organization. C.A.S.A. is a private, non-profit health and social service agency which serves the indigent poor of Guanajuato, Mexico. In August of 1994, they opened a new family health center and maternity hospital. Medical students, as well as midwifery, public health, nursing students, and others are welcome to participate in C.A.S.A.ís clerkship programs based in San Miguel de Allende. Be aware, they state that the majority of C.A.S.A.ís work happens out in the field. It looks like it would be okay for pre-clinical students to work on public health projects. There is no funding but also no fees: the clerkship looks very affordable. Some Spanish will be necessary. Stop by Mickís office to see the enticing literature.

Catholic Network for Volunteer Service

Religious faith is not a requirement for participation. This is a referral service, but they look pretty good. It might take some work to get through the red tape of this large, multi-skill organization.

*Cemanahuac Educational Community, Mexico

In this language immersion program, language study is combined with observation of medical personnel at the Morelos Children's Hospital. Contact: Vivian Harvey, Cemanahuac Educational Community, Apartado 5-21, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico or email

*Centro PanAmericano de Idiomas (CPI)

Language facility in two locations in Costa Rica (Heredia and Monteverde Cloud Forest) They concentrate on language immersion including arranging home stays. They periodically offer a special program for medical professionals, which combines language immersion and contact with the local medical community. Probably could set up something for summertime. We have more information in the office.

*Centro de Potencial Humana (CPH)

This language and cross cultural school is located in Santa Ana, Costa Rica and comes highly recommended by Mick Godkin who attended it to learn Spanish during his stay in Costa Rica. Language instruction and conversation classes are held in small groups of students with similar Spanish skills.

*Chavalitos Clinic

This is an opportunity for first year students to get experience in a primary health care clinic in Nicaragua. This project was originally started by two first-year students looking for a clinical experience abroad. We have a pamphlet in Dr. Godkinís office. Los Chavalitos ("street kids") clinic serves the underserved in Managua with programs in pre-natal care, pediatrics, and family planning. One year of Spanish is required.

*Child Family Health International

This program looks great. CFHI runs programs in Ecuador that include community oriented patient care, rural clinics, a mobile surgical facility, a university hospital, research opportunities, Spanish language training, and cultural opportunities. Parts of this program are for all levels of medical students. Students with minimal Spanish abilities are accepted with the understanding that Spanish training will be the emphasis of the program experience. The program has semi-reasonable fees: $850 for the first month plus $300 for homestay and laundry. We have more information and a magazine article in the office. early as there is limited enrollment).(Religious faith is not a requirement for participation.)

*Christain Medical and Dental Society -- M.G.M.

This organization takes students on two-week medical missions. Some funding is available. (Religious faith is not a requirement for participation)

Ecuador Hospital "Stadler Richter"

A central hospital for a medium sized rainforest town in Ecuador called Archidona.

EducAsian Study and Travel Programs in China

This organization provides numerous programs to study Chinese and explore Chinese language, culture, and geography.

Emmaus Hospital

Rural district hospital in Emmaus, South Africa.

*Franciscan Workers of Junipero Serra

U.S.A. opportunity (Salinas, CA). This organization seems like a great opportunity for the motivated preclinical student. This is a center for the homeless that provides outreach to migrant farmworker camps. Greater than half of their guests and farmworkers speak only Spanish. We received a very enthusiastic personal letter when we wrote to them. They are able to provide housing and it sounds like students working with them would have a number of mentors. (Not appropriate for rotations.) (Religious faith is not a requirement for participation.)

Friends Lugulu Hospital, Kenya, East Africa

A rural 110-bed mission hospital in Webuye, Kenya. Significant exposure to tropical diseases and AIDS. All hospital staff, but a minority of patients, speak English. Hospital staff is usually willing to translate. See Katherine Cornell í00 under "Individual Contacts".

Friends of World Teaching/Nursing

May be a way for someone to fund a preclinical summer abroad, teaching English. (Not particularly medical)

Friends Without a Border

Nonprofit grassroots organization that sponsored the construction of a Angkor Clinic for Children in northwestern Cambodia which opened in June 1998. Good opportunity for 3rd and 4th year medical students, residents, and for experienced physicians.

Friendship Bridge

As of 1993 this organization was sending Vietnamese-American medical students to Vietnam for clerkships. If you are of Vietnamese descent, it seems this clerkship would open every opportunity for you to learn about the Vietnam of today. They have four teaching hospital contacts in Hanoi and four in Saigon. You are not responsible for tuition at these foreign institutions, but you must cover travel and lodging (with their suggestions for how to make it affordable). Religious faith is not a requirement for participation.

George Washington University

GWU offers preclinical and clinical students opportunities for language/cultural immersion, public health projects, and research. See their brochure in the office for more information.

Glenside Hospital, Adelaide, Australi#63009Ca

This urban psychiatric institution is a great place to learn about telemedicine and the health care system in Australia.

Global Volunteers

Two programs include medical assistance: one in Tanzania and one in Jamaica. We have info in the office. Program fees look expensive. Not appropriate for rotations.

Guatemala Association for Prevention and Control of AIDS

A great way to learn how Guatemala is dealing with the problems it is facing due to AIDS by working in an AIDS clinic at a rural hospital outside Guatemala City.

Helping Hands Institute

This organization based in Boulder, CO arranges health care-related experiences in Nepal. Contact phone: 303-440-0331 or fax: 303-440-6958.

*Hospital Ryder Memorial Inc.

This is a hospital in Puerto Rico where for $30 a day (inclusive) a student may volunteer and learn Spanish. Probably most appropriate as a working vacation, but it may be worth contacting them to seek out an expanded opportunity. Not appropriate for rotations.

*Hospital "Salvador Paredes"

Hospital "Salvador Paredes" is the main hospital of Trujillo, Honduras, a coastal city of 30,000. The hospital includes an Emergency Department, and area for outpatient consultations, a Maternity Ward, a Childrenís Ward, Internal Medicine Wards for men and women, two operating rooms, wards for surgical patients, a laboratory, an X-ray facility, and an ultrasound machine in the maternity ward. Dr. Pablo Arzu is the director of this site, fax #: 011-504-434-4094. Come to the office for more contact information.

*Human Service Alliance

U.S.A. opportunity. Probably not appropriate for clinical students. This organization recruits hospice volunteers for a minimum duration of two weeks. For the terminally ill, volunteers are primarily responsible for providing assistance and companionship. Religious faith is not required for participation.

*Indian Health Service, Division of Health and Human Services

Types of possible educational experiences for medical students, 2 to 8 weeks: clinical, 3rd or 4th year. Contact: Hazel Black, Recruitment Coordinator, Indian Health Service, Health Resources and Service Administration, Rockville, MD 20857, Tel: (301) 443-4242. Costs and housing vary depending on site. We have ample reports in the office from UMASS students who have worked with the Indian Health Service. See Country: U.S.A. then the Faculty/Alumnae/Student list for names.

*Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential

May be most appropriate for those interested in psychiatry or neurology. Clinical rotations in Child Brain Development. Some financial support available. Apparently some preclinical experiences are available as well.

*International Lifeline

This is an opportunity for medical students to do a clinical rotation in Haiti. Some French is required. The general budget for a participant is $2500 per month, but it is not clear if that budget might be lower for students. We have contact information in the office. Religious faith is not required for participation.

*International Needs Uganda (UFPP)

Experiences in rural clinics in Uganda. The address is: P.O. Box 9266, Kampala, Uganda. U.S. Fax #: 717-842-2425.

*International Nepal Fellowship

This opportunity is cross-listed with the AMSA resources. For those interested in going to Nepal, this looks like one of the best opportunities out there. A range of clinical opportunities are available, as well as public health and research opportunities for preclinical students. Religious faith is not a requirement for participation.

*John Snow, Inc. -- U.S. AID

If you can get through the red tape, this looks like an exciting and prestigious place to create your own rotation/summer research opportunity. Let us know how to do it.

Lady Willington Hospital, Manali, India

A rural hospital and clinic with a significant amount of exposure to family medicine and infectious disease.

Latino America Spanish Academy

Language school in Antigua, Guatemala

LIGA International, Inc.

This is a three-day volunteer experience, but they accept clinical medical students. Go figure. They may be one of those flying-doctors type organizations. We have a California address for them.

Little Sisters of the Assumption Volunteers (LSAV)

Louisiana State Medical Center: International Course in Tropical Medicine, Costa Rica. Offered jointly by the Louisiana State University Medical Center and the University of Costa Rica Faculty of Medicine. Different types of possible educational experiences are offered for medical students in their 3rd or 4th year. Contact: Joseph H. Miller, Ph.D. Applications available at Dr. Godkinís office. Language requirement: None. The course is taught in English. Costs: $775 course fee, $475 room and board, plus plane fare.

Linguatec Language School, Santiago, Chile

A language program run through Amerispan with possible clinical exposure to urban hospitals.

Management Sciences for Health

I am in awe of this organization: they serve almost every country in the world. They use this quote in their 1994 annual report: "Go to the people. Live among them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build on what they have. But of the best leaders, when their task is accomplished, their work is done, the people all remark we have done it ourselves." In addition to accepting medical students, this powerful Boston-based group provides funding for them through the Paul Alexander Memorial Fellowship. This is a travel fellowship for a two month project involving international public health. Usually it is given to support MSH international public health projects. Students are expected to complete their graduate degree within two years of travel or to already have a graduate degree. Application due December 30 for the following year, notification by March. Stop by and see their impressive literature.


Associated with Project Hope. See Project Hope files in our office for more info.

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)

Associated with the American Association for World Health. Programs include the two-week Spanish for Health Professionals in Havana and electives in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn, Emergency Care, and Natural Medicine at the Medical School in Matanzas.

Mercy Ships

Opportunities on this medical mission ship may be available to motivated students. All participants must take a religion class throughout the program.

*Michigan State University: Primary Health Care in Ecuador

Not appropriate for clinical rotations. This is a preclinical summer elective that MSU offered last year and it looks fabulous. Estimated program costs are $1,800 plus airfare plus unanticipated costs like extra meals, etc. Enrollment looks limited. Financial assistance may be available. Not appropriate for clinical rotations.

*Mugumu Designated District Hospital, Mugumi Tanzania

Mugumu is a hospital located in the Serengeti National Park, one of the biggest game reserves in Africa. Patients are mostly native residents of the Serengeti region. The primary languages spoken by the patients include Maa (native tongue of the Maasai), Swahili, and English. The staff speaks English and can help translating if necessary. Housing will be provided. Contact: Mugumu Designated District Hospital, P.O. Box 38, Mugumu, Serengeti, Tanzania, attention: E. Musuto M. Chirangi, Hospital Secretary.

National Medical Fellowships, Inc.

Substance Abuse: This is a Clinical Training Fellowship Program for Minority Medical Students in Substance Abuse Research and Treatment. It is sponsored by National Medical Fellowships, Inc. with the Center for Studies of Addiction at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. The rotations are for two or three months in Philadelphia, with a fellowship award of $5,000 to be used as a stipend and expense allowance.

Community Medicine: Domestic opportunity in community medicine, preventative medicine and health education, public policy and research. Two 8-12 week rotations in a designated Kellogg site, the second involving a clinical project or research topic. Project report due within six months. Award of $10,000 plus $1,000 for travel. Letter of nomination by a Dean of Students is required.


*Naval Medical Research Detachment, Iquitos, Peru

A good site for those interested in researching infectious diseases.

Nicaragua Spanish Schools

NSS is an organization of the four leading Spanish language schools in Nicaragua with sites in Granada, Managua, and San Juan del Sur. See list of Web sites.

*Nyumbani: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Hospice for Orphans in Kenya


(Religious faith is not a requirement for participation.) Anne Fox '97 and Julie Clayton '97 attended this incredible-looking program in April of '97. The first sentence of their literature gives an idea as to why: "NYUMBANI came into being because of a unique present day need: the care of abandoned HIV+ children in Kenya." And later, "..currently we have our own land and some buildings and our plan is to have a small village of many cottages to give the children a family style living." They are medically staffed 24 hours a day. For children who turn out to be HIV -, NYUMBANI helps to arrange for adoptions. The student provides direct patient care but has access to senior medical advisors at any time, a situation many of you will view as ideal. The organization covers the costs of living expenses and ground transport, though you are responsible for your plane ticket (this is generous, and from reading their budget, you may want to consider making a contribution toward your training there.)


*Operation Crossroads Africa, Inc.

Types of possible educational experiences for medical students, 6 weeks duration: preclinical, clinical. Offers a community health education program in Africa. Interdisciplinary medical teams work under local African health care professionals. Includes a pre-departure orientation. Costs: travel, program fees, room and board (O.C.A. will set up room and board). We have literature in the office. (212) 870-2106. Religious faith is not required for participation.


*Operation Smile


This is an organization specializing in reconstructive surgery of birth defects. Medical students may be able to participate as coordinators. College and high school students may also go. Not appropriate for clinical rotations.


*Overseas Development Network

Clearinghouse of international volunteer and internship opportunities which include opportunities for medical students and health professionals. odn@icg.orgFor information specifically on the BUSCA program in Mexico contact: (Not appropriate for clinical rotations.)

*Partners of the Americas

Countries: various in Latin America and Caribbean. Types of possible educational experiences for preclinical and clinical medical students with varying duration are offered. Language requirements, costs, and housing vary depending on site. Massachusettsí partner state is Antioquia, Colombia, and there are monthly meetings of the MA chapter at the Perkins school for the blind in Watertown. We have literature in the office.


This opportunity applies to preclinical students. Two week opportunities with a program fee.

*Project HOPE

"Helping people to help themselves..." UMASS Contact: Lynn Eckhert, M.D., Dr.Ph., Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, is a HOPE Senior Fellow. She referred Eleanor Bornemann, '98, and Ethan Brackett, '99 to them. Project HOPE conducts medical training and health education programs on five continents, including North America (28 countries worldwide). Your experience would probably be in community health/ preventative medicine. Eleanor Bornemann writes of her experience in Nicaragua "the volunteer will be very much on his/her own. Should be proficient in Spanish. To avoid confusion have a firm understanding of your project and what exactly is expected of you before travelling." See Dr. Godkin to read the rest of what she wrote. This is a well-established, respected organization with a wealth of opportunities and impressive projects. We have literature in the office.

Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia

International clinical clerkships organized by the University of Melbourne.

Runawasi School

This school is located in a suburb of Cochabamba, Bolivia. It offers lessons in Spanish and Quechua and arranges homestays with Bolivian families. While enrolled in the program, there are opportunities to partake in cultural activities and to get involved in the community. Contact: Escuela Runawasi, Casilla 4034, Cochamabamba, Bolivia. Telephone/fax number: 00591-42-48923

St. James Health Department, Montego Bay, Jamaica

A community medicine program in Jamaica. Contact: Linnette E. Jackson-Myers, Medical Officer of Health, St. James Health Dept., P.O. Box 472, Montego Bay, Ja.

St. John's Hospital

This urban hospital is located in Bangalore, India.

Save the Children

Stephen Benoit '00 went to Honduras for a year with them. They go to most countries worldwide. Check in the office for the organizationís literature for what Stephen wrote, or talk to him in person.



A non-govermental organization in Swaziland, involved in using the Internet to strengthen continuing education of health professionals and support the distribution of timely health related information to compensate for the country's lack of any medical school. This opportunity may involve a year-long commitment and requires previous significant experience with computers. Contact information available in Mick Godkin's office.

Simon Bolivar Spanish School

Located centrally in Quito, Ecuador, this spanish lanuage school is one of the most popular and hightly rated in the city. Classes are held in comfortable one-to-one settings with friendly and qualified instructors. The school is also host to a wide variety of cultural events, including: salsa and merengue lessons, cooking classes, and well organized weekend tours. Housing in your own apartment or with a Spanish family can also be coordinated through the school. Check out their website at

So Others Might Eat (SOME)

U.S. opportunity. This D.C.-based organization accepts 4th year medical students for clinical rotations.

Sociedad San Martin de Porres

We are not sure what countries they serve. You can access their Website for more information.

*Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International

Summer internship in Santa Barbara, CA. Some opportunities for local clinics exist, as well as a possible 4-6 day trip internationally. Organization goes to 32 countries. We have literature in the office. Not appropriate for rotations.

*Tulane University MC-Program in Community Medicine in Developing Countries

Irwin Cohen, M.D. President of the Program in Community Medicine in Developing Countries at Tulane University Medical Center SOM, 1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112. As the 1994-95 president of the International Health Medical Education Consortium, he is an excellent source. Through Tulane, he sends medical students to twelve countries. Six of these sites are available to pre-clinical students if the student shows enough interest and initiative (Jamaica, St. Croix, Guyana, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Guatemala). Pre-clinical students will have an opportunity to shadow physicians, work on epidemiological projects, etc. Unfortunately we do not have specific information on the rotations, so clinical students will have to email him (although we do know that three of the additional countries are Belize, Ghana, and South Africa). Housing varies, food is not usually provided. We must seek funding elsewhere (ask Dr. Godkin). In order to apply for one of these positions, you can even call or e-mail Dr. Cohen, but please keep in mind that he is a very busy man. His telephone number is: (504) 588-5571, and his e-mail address is: Express interest in one or more countries and speak with him about the possibility of going for the summer. I would strongly suggest sending a resume and cover letter ahead of time.

Ulster Hospital

This suburban hospital is located in Belfast Northern Ireland.

University of Capetown, South Africa

For experiences in public health and community medicine.

University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio

This is a one-month elective focusing on U.S.-Mexico Border Environmental Health concerns. Residents, medical students, and public health trainees are invited to apply. It is available most months out of the year and will take place in Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Housing is provided in Laredo at no cost.

Vellore Christian Medical College Board (USA), Inc.

This is an ecumenical Christian hospital in India. Volunteers do not have to be Christian, but the tone of the organization is quite religious. Stop by and look at what is in the file. Opportunities for electives and public health research. E-mail:

*Worcester Institute for Student Exchange (W.I.S.E.)

This is an established UMASS exchange thanks to Carl Hansen, M.D. Three recent students have come back raving after a preclinical summer with WISE. Come see their reports or ask them in person: Sean Johnson ë99, Mark Rutstein ë99, or Sue Sweeney ë97. Opportunities seem limitless in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. Applications last year were due in February. See Carl Hansen, M.D. under individual contacts.

*World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

This organization is thought of as THE international health organization. They responded to our letter with an official statement that they do accept students to do public health/international development and research. Geetha Matthews '99 arranged a preclinical internship before we had any information on them. You can come find out how she secured a position and compare notes with what they wrote. It seems all internships are in Geneva.

Additional Organizations

Academia de Espanol Tecun Uman, Argentina

(Action Ministries International)

(Adventist Development and Relief Agency)

Aesculapius International Medicine

(African Enterprise)

African Inland Mission International

American Jewish World Service

(American Refugee Committee)

Association for Community Care, Education, and Social Services (ACCESS)

Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

(Baptist General Conferences)

Baptist Mid-Mission

(Berean Mission)

(Blossoming Rose Ministries)

Brethren in Christ World Missions

Brethren Volunteer Service

(Campus Crusade for Christ, Mission, and International Recruiting)

(Cape Cares)

(CARE Atlanta)


Casa de Espanol Xelaju, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Casa Guatemala

Case Western Reserve University--Mexico City

(Catholic Medical Mission Board)

Catholic Relief Services

Capiz Emmanuel Hospital

CB International

(Central American Relief Efforts)

Centroamerica--Centro Experimental de Espanol, Antigue, Guatemala

Centro Linguistico Maya, Antigua, Guatemala

Centro Linguistico Conversa, Costa Rica

Charing Cross Hospital

Chosun University Medical Center, Rep. of Korea

Christian and Missionary Alliance (CAMA)

(Christian Church Mission Personnel Office)

Christian Dental Society

(Christian Emergency Relief Team (CERT) International)

(Christian Eye Ministry, Inc.)

(Christian Relief Services)

(Church of the Brethren)

(Church of the United Brethren in Christ)

Claretian Office of Ministry Opportunities

(Comboni Lay Missionaries)

(Concern America: An International Development and Refugee Aid Organization)

Council for International Education Exchange


(Direct Relief International)

(Doctors Without Borders)

(Doctors of the World)

(Eastern Mennonite Missions)

(Edmondite Mission Corps)

Emergency Hospital of Yenevan, Armenia

Escuel de Espanol Fundacion 23, Huehuetenango, Guatemala


Eul Ji Medical School, Taejon, South Korea

(Evangelical Covenant Church)

(Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)


(Father Carr's Place)

(FAVA/CA (Latin America and the Caribbean)

(Feed the Children)

(The Flying Doctors)

(The Flying Samaritans)


(Franciscan Companions in Mission)

(Franciscan Mission Service of North America)

(Friends United Meeting World Ministries)

Galapagos Spanish School

(General Baptist International)

(General Board of Global Ministries--United Methodist Church: See United Methodist Volunteers in Mission)

(General Conference Mennonite Church)

Global Exchange

(Global Outreach)

(Global Relief and Children's Services)

(Globe Missionary Evangelisms Living Waters)

(Grace Ministries International)

(Hands Together)

(Harvesting in Spanish)

(Health Care Organizations for Africa)

(Health Teams International)

(Health Volunteers Overseas)

Hesperian Foundation-- Mexican Village

(Himalayan Health Care)

Hispania Center, Salamanca, Spain

Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (UMASS Amherst)

(Holy Cross Associates)

Hospital Durand

(Hospital Lumiere)

Hospital Voz Andes, Quito, Ecuador

India Evang