Projects Approved for Core Usage

InvestigatorProject TitleFunding Agency Grant Number
Akbarian, Schahram Epigenetic Markings in Developing and Diseased Prefrontal Neurons NIMH RC1MH088047
Andreadis, Athena Function of Saitohin, a Novel Protein that Confers Susceptibility to Dementia NIA R21AG028534
Bandini, Linda
Stanish, Heidi
Correlates of Physical Activity in Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities NICHD R21HD059100
Bao, Zheng-Zheng Expression and Regulation of the Axon Guidance Cues NEI R0IEY014980
Bosco, Daryl Investigation of Post-Translational Modifications in WT SODI in Sporadic ALS NINDS R01NS067206
Brown, Robert High-Throughput Genomic Approaches to Identify ALS Genes NINDS R0INS050557
Buchanan, Leo A Bi-National Institute in Neurodevelopmental Disorders NICHD R21HD064414
Carlin, Michael
(McIlvane, PI) 
Guiding Visual Attention to Enhance Discrimination Learning (Project I) NICHD P0IHD025995
Clapham, Paul HlV-1 Tropism Neuropathogenesis and Therapy NIMH R0IMH064408
Comeau, Anne Implementing SCID NBS with Multiplexed Assays in an Integrated Program Approach CDC
Curtin, Carol Weight Control in Co-Morbid ADHD and Obesity NIMH R21MH087778
Davis, Roger  Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration NINDS R01NS054948
Deutsch, Curtis
(Lajonchere, PI)
Center for Genomic and Phenomic Studies in Autism NIMHS U24MH081810
Dube, William
(Cataldo, PI) 
Treatment Generalization and Contingency Coherence (Project III) NICHD P0IHD055456 
Dube, William Contingency Analyses of Observing and Attending in Intellectual Disabilities  NICHD R0IHD062582
Dube, William
(Nevin, PI) 
Behavioral Persistence: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Studies NICHD R0IHD064576
Dube, William
(McIlvane, PI) 
Stimulus Overselectivity in Visual Discrimination: Analysis and Remediation NICHD P0IHD025995 
Fleming, Richard Using CBPR to Design & Pilot a Physical Activity Program for Youth with ASD NICHD R21HD057806
Fleming, Richard Educating Parents: Behavioral Intervention in Autism NICHD R42HD055021
Fleming, Richard Developing and Maintaining Fitness in Adolescents with Down Syndrome NICHD R21HD062933
Frazier, Jean A Knowledge Environment for Neuroimaging in Child Psychiatry NIMH R0IMH083320
Gardner, Paul  Molecular Analysis of Neuronal ACH Receptor Expression NINDS R0INS030243
Gibson, Laura Cytomegalovirous (CMV)-Specific Cell Mediated Immunity in Infants with Congenital CMV Infection  Thrasher
Ginns, Edward A Novel Macrophage Delivered Gene Therapy for Gaucher Disease NINDS R0INS054120
Grossman, Ruth  Communicative and Emotional Facial Expression Production in Children with Autism  NIDCD R21DC010867
Hamad, Charles  Behavioral Intervention in Autism: Practitioner Skills NICHD R42HD050160
Jones, Brent Contingency Manipulation in Discrete Trial Interventions for Children with Autism NICHD R21HD061648
Kennedy, David
(Jernigan, PI)  
Creating a Pediatric Imaging-Genomics Data Resource NIDA RC2DA029475
Kilpatrick, Daniel Temporal Regulation of Neuronal Differentiation  NINDS R0INS063047
King, Jean Imaging Nicotine-Induced Behavioral Sensitization with fMRI NIDA R0IDA021846
Kowalik, Timothy  Cytomegalovirus and Nuclear Tumor Suppressors NIAID R01AI076189
Lawrence, Jeanne Nuclear and Chromatin Packaging of Mammalian X-Chromosome NIGMS R0IGM053234
Lionello-Denolf, Karen  Relational Stimulus Control Management in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities NICHD R21HD064962
Luzuriaga, Katherine Killer Cells & Viral Load in Vertical HIV Infection NIAID R0IAI032391
Matthews, Robert Folding Mechanisms of TIM Barrel Proteins  NIGMS R0IGM023303
Mcllvane, William Methodological Integrity Core NICHD P0IHD055456
Mcllvane, William Translational Studies of Neurobehavioral Effects of Mercury Exposure NIEHS R21ES015464
Mcllvane, William Instructional Technology: A Picture-Aided Communication Systems Manager (PACSMAN) NIDCD R42DC010365
Melikian, Haley Trafficking and Regulation of Monoamine Transporters NIDA R0IDA015169
Mitchell, Teresa The Balance Between Top-Down & Bottom-Up Attentional Processes in Autism March of
Mitchell, Teresa
(McIlvane, PI)
Multimodal Analyses of Face Processing in Autism & Down Syndrome (Project III) NICHD P0IHD025995
Pagoto, Sherry Treating Co-Morbid Obesity and Major Depressive Disorder NIMH R01MH078012
Patel, Rupal Acquisition of Prosodic Control in Typically Developing Children NICHD R03HD064787
Patel, Rupal
(Erdogmus, PI) 
RSVP IconCHAT-A Brain Computer Interface for Icon-based Communication  NSF IIS 0914808
Patel, Rupal  Adapting a Text-to-Speech Synthesizer to Convey User Identity  NSF MS 0712821
Patel, Rupal  Displaying Prosodic Text for Reading Aloud with Expression NSF MS 0915527
Richter, Joel D. Translational Control in Early Mammalian Development NICHD R37HD037267
Richter, Joel D.  Polyadenylation and Translational Control  NIGMS R01GM046779
Rogaev, Evgeny  Function of Intramembrane Aspartic Protease NIA R0IAG029360
Ryder, Sean  RNA Recognition by Maternal Gene Silencers in Nematodes  NIGMS R01GM081422
Sagerstrom, Charles  Molecular Analysis of Hindbrain Formation NINDS     R01NS038183
Schwarting, Gerald Glycoconjugates in Olfactory Cell-Cell Interactions NIDCD R01DC000953
Serna, Richard
(McIlvane, PI) 
Behavioral and Sensory Evaluation of Auditory Discnmination in Autism (Project IV) NICHD P01HD025995
Tapper, Andrew Nicotine-Dopamine Receptor Interaction in a Novel Parkinsonian Mouse Model  NINDS R01NS059586
Weaver, David  Mechanisms of Circadian Rhythmicity in Clock-Deficient Mice  NINDS R01NS056125
Wilkinson, Krista
(McIlvane, PI)
Stimulus Structure Enhancement of Visual Symbol Detection in AAC (Project II) NICHD P01HD025995
Witman, George  Flagellar Motility and Assembly  NIGMS R37GM030626