The Process of IDDRC Service Delivery

The steps below outline the process of IDDRC service delivery from the Investigator’s initial proposal of a project for core services, development of a service plan and budget, to provision and monitoring of services by core personnel to insure timely and satisfactory completion.

1. IDDRC member(s) makes brief proposal via e-mail or telephone to Core leader (Director or Co-Director). This contact should outline (a) the aims and nature of service(s) required, (b) a timeline meeting project requirements, (c) any perceived needs for consultation concerning the best methodologies, (d) an approximate budget available, and (e) any preliminary discussions that might have occurred with service providers.

2. Core leader assesses proposal for (a) eligibility for core services, (b) appropriateness of service(s) in relation to project aims (in consultation with or referral to other core leaders and/or directors of the core service(s) requested), and (c) alignment of proposed budget with core resources (perhaps in consultation with IDDRC Administration) and member’s year-to-date use of core services.

3. Core leaders decide on which leader will be the point person responsible for follow up and monitoring proposed project.

4. Core point person and IDDRC member consider the assessment, (a) seeking resolution of any concerns that may have arisen, (b) discussing any alternative methodologies that may be superior and/or less expensive, and (c) determining a working budget for the project, including member and core contribution.

5. Core point person authorizes and documents service plan via e-mails to service provider(s), IDDRC administration, and Research Core Administration.

6. Core point person follows up periodically with IDDRC member and core service directors to assess whether (a) the service is being delivered in a timely manner, (b) any problems have arisen that may require further input by core point person or core administration, (c) the IDDRC project is being completed within budget or whether further budgetary support is warranted, (d) results of service have been satisfactorily delivered/communicated to the IDDRC member, and (e) at service completion, IDDRC member has received satisfactory service.

7. Core point person sends a “service completed” e-mail to the Administrative Core and a reminder to IDDRC member to acknowledge core support when disseminating results.