Education & Training

With our interdisciplinary faculty from diverse medical specialties and health care professions, the interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS) is designed to support a wide range of educational programs. Our team-based clinical training and professional development opportunities promote patient safety, improved patient care and health care quality.

iCELS serves all learner groups, including students, residents, trainees, allied health professionals, practicing clinicians and first responders. Our programs feature interprofessional collaboration representing the spectrum of health profession degrees and certifications:

  • MD
  • RN
  • APN (advanced practice nursing)
  • DNP (doctorate of nursing practice)
  • PA
  • PharmD
  • EMT
  • Paramedic

Our simulation programs target a comprehensive range of learner needs and are customized to meet defined learning objectives, including:

  • Clinical problem solving, communication and collaborative skills
  • Surgical, procedural and technical skills
  • Team training and crisis management
  • Diagnostic learner assessment and remediation

iCELS also offers an extensive menu of continuing education opportunities and certification programs. Our faculty provides expertise in a broad range of clinical areas-- from primary care and palliative care to surgical and interventional specialties, and for treating patients of all ages, from neonatal care through geriatrics.

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