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*Workshops may be offered at scheduled dates and times and others may be offered on request. If a workshop is offered on request, then interested participants should contact their manager who will work with the Learning & Development team in arranging the on request workshop. The group requesting a workshop will need to pay the cost of the instructor.


Following workshops are designed for managers for their professional growth: (Cost: Free for UMass Employees)

I. Team Collaboration

Date, Time & Location: TBA

Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their separate parts in the process.  As we rely more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce, and compete at the speed of change. Understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes is the bottom line on creating high-performance teams. This workshop is designed for anyone who works in a team and needs to be more productive and collaborative.

Highlights of this training include:

      • Receive a personalized assessment of your most comfortable role in a team.
      • Gain insights into working with different team roles.
      • Develop flexibility in your role.
      • Identify details about what might cause stress.
      • Learn to benefit from the collaborative "Z" process.
      • Apply information on communication style and approach through an engaging team activity.
      • Determine effective ways to balance, integrate and capitalize on the difference strengths of each team member.

II. Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Appraisal Process


III. Leader as Coach

Date, Time & Location: TBA

A highly interactive training experience that provides leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to be more effective in their positions, “The Leader as Coach” is designed for new and experienced managers who are responsible for leading teams. This workshop gives leaders the opportunity to work together and discuss strategies in order to develop team members on a day-to-day basis. Participants learn about their strengths and challenges and how to adapt their own behavior to meet the needs of the people they manage – helping them coach others more effectively. This research-validated learning model uses online pre-work to create a highly personalized learning experience.

Participants will receive a personal assessment report focusing on the following skills:

      • Directing and delegating
      • Motivating team members
      • Developing others
      • Creating and maintaining team relationships

IV. Essential Skills of Communication

Date, Time & Location: TBA

A 4-hour interactive training experience that provides participants with the tools to connect with everyone in the workplace by better understanding how to develop clear and concise messages. Essential Skills of Communication enables participants to develop effective communication skills, improve performance, and increase productivity by using clear, well-organized messages aimed at the needs and interests of the listener. Relationships are critical to the success of an organization and a strong relationship begins with effective communication.

This training workshop will support your ability to:

      • See that communication is a two-way process
      • Construct clear, concise messages in the interest of the receiver
      • Manage nonverbal communication to reinforce the intent of the message
      • Listen actively to improve communication
      • How to select the most effective channel of communication

V. Managing Change

Date, Time & Location: TBA

The Change Management workshop gives participants time to consider how we react and respond to changes, and to develop useful strategies for moving through them. By understanding change, managers can clearly communicate change to their team. This clear communication helps to reduce misunderstanding and anxiety. It also helps the change initiative gain acceptance more quickly – minimizing lost productivity and decreased performance. This program provides the tools managers need to understand and interpret change and to successfully manage their team through it. By working to support change while addressing the team’s comfort level with that change, the manager can more effectively facilitate acceptance of a new way to handling issues.

This training workshop will support your ability to:

      • Understand and interpret change and the impact on team members
      • View change and the anxiety it can cause as natural
      • Assist team members as they adjust to change
      • Involve team members in the process of change

VI. Conflict Resolution

Date, Time & Location: TBA

Resolving Conflict shows that although conflicts in the workplace may be unavoidable, their effect on business can be controlled. By understanding the signs of conflict and by getting to the root cause, the impact can be minimized, preserving the integrity of the team and demonstrating a commitment to individual performance and growth.

Participants, completing this workshop will be able to:

      • Distinguish between the two major sources of team member conflicts: personality clashes and work structure problems
      • Be aware of the positive and negative impacts of conflicts
      • Accept conflict as an inevitable part of all work situations, one that must be dealt with, not ignored
      • Establish a cooperative atmosphere to resolve conflicts when they arise
      • Help individuals involved in conflicts understand each other's point of view
      • Learn and apply a conflict style model 

VII. Effective Decision Making

Date, Time & Location: TBA 

Effective Decision Making is about understanding the problem, evaluating the evidence, and making logical and thoughtful decisions. Making effective decisions can help you find smart solutions to tricky problems, avoid emotional thinking and mistakes, and work with your team more efficiently.

This training workshop will support your ability to:

      • Evaluate information accurately and thoroughly
      • Identify assumptions
      • Distinguish between fact and opinion
      • Identify strategies to overcome difficulty making and implementing tough decisions
      • Learn and apply a best practice decision-making model

Additional Available Training (*Fee) 

Leadership Excellence Certificate Program

UMass Donahue Institute designed this highly interactive leadership development program for front-line and mid-level managers that helps build competencies to become a strong leader in any type of organization. This nine-week, six-module certificate is fully online with One-on-One instructor attention.

*Fees: For UMass employees it’s 50% off tuition so you will pay $875.00 out of $1750. Registration for the upcoming sessions, TBD.

For more information about the program contact Kathryn Swaim, the Program Manager at 413-545-3459 or visit the website.

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