comp croppedOverview

The Compensation Department at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) is committed to designing, developing and implementing competitive programs and practices. UMMS provides a nondiscriminatory merit-based compensation program, reflective of an employees’ level of contribution to the University.

Examples of the Compensation Department’s responsibilities include:

  • Participate in market salary surveys and evaluate UMMS positions in relation to comparable positions at other places of employment
  • Assist with salary offers to candidates
  • Collaborate with departments on organizational structure
  • Develop and administer merit programs, salary increases, and performance management systems
  • Work with managers to evaluate position descriptions

You can count on the support of knowledgeable and responsive Compensation team members.

Departments with compensation questions or requests should contact either 

Denise Raskett Compensation Specialist     508-856-3143      UMMS  
Kim CherubiniCompensation Specialist508-856-4029CWM & UMBL

Employees should discuss any compensation-based questions with their managers.