Health Insurance Options for Non-Benefit Eligible Employees and Contingent Workers

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Massachusetts Health Connector Plans

Massachusetts Health Connector Plans are available for employees who are not eligible for benefits through the Group Insurance Commission (GIC).  The Health Connector offers plans from many of Massachusetts major insurance carriers and each carrier offers at least three coverage options that offer varying benefit levels and premiums to meet your needs. Procedure to Enroll in MA Health Connector Plan

 More information on how to enroll in one of these plans is available at the Non-Benefited Orientation program.

UMass Visa Scholar Medical Plan

Aetna Student Health Plan has partnered with the five University of Massachusetts campuses to administer a medical plan option for affiliated J-1 Exchange Visitors and their family members in J-2 status.  This plan meets both the J-1 and the Massachusetts minimums, but may have other exclusions which apply.   Aetna Student Health - UMass Visa Scholar Medical Plan.

Other Coverage Options

Contigent Workers and/or non-benefits eligible employees may purchase coverage from other health insurance providers.  All new UMMS employees and Contingent Workers are required to complete a form to confirm that they are enrolled in a health insurance program as part of the pre-employment process at Human Resources.

COBRA: Some new employees may be eligible for COBRA coverage from their previous employer. Please contact the Benefits Office at previous employer to request this coverage.

Note for J-1 Exchange Visitors

Individuals at UMMS sponsored under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program who are not eligible for UMMS benefits are required to maintain adequate coverage to remain legally present in the United States.  All J-1 Exchange Visitors must must sign a J-1 Attestation Form, on which they must provide information about their insurance provider and state that they understand and will comply with the J-1 health insurance requirements to which they are subject.  This form should be submitted to Immigration Services upon arrival at UMMS.  Other coverage options for J-1 Exchange Visitors are available. Note that these plans DO NOT meet the Massachusetts Minimum Creditable Coverage so unless you are fully funded by non-UMMS source, you should consider other options for coverage. UMMS cannot endorse any specific plan.  Please review the Immigration Services health insurance information to determine what health insurance requirements you may be subject to.