The Cancer Center of Excellence

As one of our Centers of Excellence, the mission of the Cancer Center at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester is to deliver state-of-the-art cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy while providing the most advanced research, clinical trials and patient support resources.

The UMass Memorial Cancer Center provides comprehensive care to patients in Central Massachusetts and throughout New England. Through our partnership with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the Cancer Center conducts extensive research and clinical trials, and utilizes the latest discoveries from laboratories and research centers worldwide. Access to these resources enables our specialists to offer the most advanced diagnoses and treatments available in our region, ensuring optimal care for every patient.

The Cancer Center also plays an integral academic role, developing future physicians and expanding current physician knowledge in the basic nature of cancer and innovative therapies, and through participation in cancer research, educational training and residency programs. The Cancer Center increases awareness of lifestyle changes for cancer prevention and assessment of cancer risks.

Understanding the emotional as well as physical effects of cancer, our Cancer Center staff is dedicated to treating the whole patient in an environment of compassion and respect. Through a multidisciplinary approach to cancer prevention, early diagnosis and innovative treatment, support services such as oncology nursing, social work, nutritional counseling, home care coordination, educational seminars, support groups, an active volunteer program, and on-site American Cancer Society resource rooms are available to patients and their families.

To provide our patients with the best possible cancer care, we offer a full range of services including diagnostic testing, chemotherapy infusion, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, and blood and marrow transplant.