Navigation & Site Architecture

Browser Compatibility
Web pages are best viewed with the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. We have, however, designed these pages to ensure the best viewing compatibility with other browsers and operating systems, as well.

UMass Logo
Clicking on the UMass logo located at the top-left corner of every web page will bring you to the UMassmed Homepage. Also, right-clicking (click and hold on the Macintosh) on this graphic will allow you to save the image to your computer.

Department/Entity Banner
This banner located at the top of every page is linked to the dept/entity homepage of your current location within the website. For example, if you are browsing one of the Graduate School of Nursing's web pages and you click on the top banner graphic it will link you to the Graduate School of Nursing Homepage.

If you would like to create your own graphic banner, you may do so, but please keep the size dimensions of the banner to 480x65 pixels and file size under 30K. Save your image either as a GIF or a JPG file

Textlink Navigational Tree
This is simply a navigational aid.

Left Sidebar Navigation
This is where the major departmental/entity navigation buttons are located. All crucial top-level information is categorized, organized, and labeled on this side.

Clicking on any one of these button textlinks will load its respective 'Contents Section' to the right. Any further topics within the 'Contents Section' is accomplished through use of the 'More Topics within this Section' drop-down list.

Topics Drop-down List
Any more topics, as well as sub-topics, within a section are linked via this drop-down list. If there are no topics within a section available the drop-down list will not be visible.

Contents Section
All content material and/or associated graphics are displayed here. If you are responsible for creating the 'Contents Section' in HTML please keep the width of this section under 465 pixels.

Sitewide Navigation and Help
This section appears on every page and is useful for quickly searching and navigating the entire UMass Website.

Footer Information
This section provides all pertinent copyright and contact information. As well as the last updated date for the currently viewed page.

Color Choice
The web color palette of 216 colors is rather limiting. Most non-web designers don't understand the safety palette, and pick colors that will dither (look grainy) or get lost in contrast on lower color monitors, or when a monitor Gamma is not adjusted corectly. Khaki, and various other colors within the web safety palette, is one of the best colors to use when trying to avoid palette shift and contrast problems from the gamut of user settings for display color depth, monitor color temperature, monitor gamma settings and the ambient light in a room. Our design team chose the colors used to avoid these common issues and maximize the intended look of the web site throught all possible user settings.

Informational Icons & Graphics
Shown below are important website icons/graphics with their respective explanations and/or weblinks.

Bobby Approved (v 3.1) Bobby is only one step in the process of making a site accessible to as many people as possible. A website that has a Bobby approval rating signifies that it has passed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This link goes to an external web site

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for electronic distribution of documents because it's the best way to keep the look and feel you created intact. PDF files are compact, cross platform and can be viewed by anyone with a free Acrobat Reader. And you can create PDF files from any application using Adobe Acrobat - even directly from paper with a scanning device! Find out more

This link goes to an external web site Clicking on any weblink marked with this arrow icon will open up a new browser window. (See above example)

UMass Medical School Network Authorization Required Accessing this service or feature requires prior authorization or access to the UMMS network.