Public Service Mission


The faculty, students and staff of UMass Worcester are committed to making an impact on the health and well-being of the people of the commonwealth and the world. Every day, in ways large and small, our institutional community is actively and passionately engaged in the communities we serve, undertaking numerous and varied outreach initiatives with partners in the academic, business and philanthropic fields. Collaborations include partnerships including the long-running Worcester Pipeline Collaborative and Regional Science Resource Center, both award-winning programs recognized as national models for K–12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics education outreach; and student-run, faculty-supervised free clinics that provide care for underserved and economically disadvantaged patients.

By working with schools, community groups and social service organizations, UMass Worcester’s reach is extended into places where we can make a difference. And by creating and sustaining relationships with the social and cultural fabric of the region—and, indeed, much of the world—we provide both real-world help and role models for the next generation of nurses, doctors, researchers and leaders.

The Office of Global Health is the latest conduit to broaden UMass Worcester’s reach. The office coordinates and optimizes current and future endeavors in global medicine to elevate it to a more visible, high-impact initiative; develop a network of international activities that can inspire UMW medical, nursing and basic science students as on-site teachers and practitioners; and enhance training of health care providers internationally. The Office of Global Health also works with the Office of Research to help coordinate specific clinical trials and epidemiological studies as opportunities arise. 

The Commonwealth Medicine division carries out UMW’s public service mission by applying unparalleled skills and experience to raise the quality of health care programs. Currently, nursing students have an opportunity to learn more about Commonwealth Medicine’s services through two key areas. UMass Correctional Health Care provides clerkships for GSN students, and a number of nurse practitioners have an opportunity to do clinical rotations through the program.

Our students also work in the Worcester community with he Worcester Department of Public Health on special projects on community health topics.  A strong collaboration also includes working with the Worcester Senior Center on many initiatives including their annual Community Immunity Day. Community service opportunities also exist in the local community involving care for the underserved, prevention education, and other public health initiatives working collaboratively with the Worcester Department of Public Health, Family Health Center, and the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center.

The Geriatric Fellows Program provides nursing and interprofessional providers with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of geriatric health care needs while also participating in professional activities and interdisciplinary partnerships.  The Comprehensive Geriatric Education and Mentoring across Settings (Co-GEMS) initiative provides more specialized geriatric care training to improve care for the increasing number of elders who are living longer. 

List of UMass Cares Volunteer Opportunities