Cell Biology Program

Cell Biology Program

Program Director: Dr. Anthony Imbalzano
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Cell Biology is noteworthy for:

  • a rank of 10th nationwide for research among medical school cell biology departments; 
  • faculty consistently recognized for “excellence in medical education;” and
  • its position as the lead department for interdepartmental research program grants investigating nuclear structure and cancer, and cell structure and musculoskeletal disease.

The Program in Cell Biology offers graduate study and research in molecular cell biology, leading to a PhD degree. Research interests of the graduate faculty and affiliates are focused on the use of cellular, genetic and molecular approaches to address structure-function relationships associated with cell growth and differentiation; development; stem cell biology; cell signaling; chromatin structure; transcriptional control of gene expression; DNA replication and repair; and cell motility. The Cell Biology faculty have expertise in many molecular and cellular techniques, including: 3-D image analysis; bioinformatics; immunofluorescense and confocal microscopy; electron microscopy; protein chemistry; recombinant DNA; tissue engineering; stem cell research; transgenic animal models; in situ hybridization; microarrays; gene mapping; and magnetic resonance imaging. 
The department offers graduate courses in advanced cell biology topics, development, tumor biology, and tissue and organ structure; maintains an active basic research program; and strongly supports graduate student participation in this research. Cellular, molecular and developmental biologists from the Medical School, UMass Memorial Health Care and the UMass Memorial Cancer Center participate in the graduate program, adding a further dimension to the expertise available.

Requirements for Specialization

Specific course requirements for specialization in Cell Biology include two advanced courses, at least one of which must be chosen from among the Advanced Topics courses sponsored by Cell Biology. 

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