All residents and fellows participate in the State Resident Retirement System (SERS). The State Board of Retirement manages the State Retirement Plan for all state employees.

Residents and fellows contribute 9% of their income plus an additional 2% for salary over $30,000 per year. Contributions are withheld from employee’s base salary. These contributions are made pre-tax and are in lieu of Social Security.

The Plan provides for a monthly retirement benefit and is designed to reward long service employees. Actual benefits are based on years of service, pension-eligible pay and age at retirement. Residents must have a minimum of ten years of full-time creditable service to be vested in the State Retirement Plan.

Contact the Department or the State Board of Retirement for details. Telephone: 617-367-7770; 800-392-6014 (In MA only)

State Board of Retirement website: