Process Map for Establishing New Student Elective Sites

The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, Office of International Medical Education and the Office of Global Health have established a new process for the identification and approval for new sites for student electives and clinical exchange programs. This process includes the approval of the Foreign Project Registration Form, signing of an International Letter of Agreement to set up any new affiliation. In the case of sites that would be developed as a Legacy Site, a Memoranda of Understanding and a Site Information Form must be completed.

When selecting a new site, Students and Faculty should follow the SoP for Site Selection to guide their decision making in choosing to go to a new site. 

Foreign Project Registration Form

Filled out by Faculty or International Medical Education (IME) in case of SOM. FPR must be reviewed and approved by OGH and appropriate student and trainee programs (SOM, GSN, GSBS, GME) when students, trainees, faculty and/or IME propose a new site.

International Letter of Agreement for establishing a 1-year TEST SITE

All sites must sign a 1-time 1-year International Letter of Agreement for the first year of any new affiliation. This can be renewed annually to determine which sites to move to a Legacy Site. A new or renewal Letter of Agreement must be signed each time a student wants to go to a new or existing non-Legacy site.
Contact the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education for an International Letter of Agreement template.

Memoranda of Understanding and Site Information Form for establishing a LEGACY SITE

If the appropriate student/trainee programs plans to develop the program as a LEGACY SITE after the initial TEST SITE year, an MOU for a 3 year term must be completed. A Site Information Form (Clinical, Research AND/OR Cultural) must also be completed at this point. 
Contact the Office of Global Health for a Draft MOU and for the appropriate Site Information Forms.

LEGACY SITE established

Site is established as LEGACY SITE when the MOU is signed and SIF form has been reviewed by OGH and appropriate student/trainee programs and and approval letter issued for the site as a recommended student elective LEGACY SITE. The MOU is renewed every 3 years, the Site Information Form must be updated annually. See a list of approved student LEGACY SITES here

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