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Last week, six St. Mark’s STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-and-Mathematics) Fellows were recognized with prizes at the annual Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair, with Nia Quinones ‘16 earning top honors. Held on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, the Fair showcases the top 300 science and engineering projects from around the state.

On Friday, seven St. Markers spent six hours presenting their projects to five different judges. Quinones, along with fellow Sixth Formers Torie Shakespeare (“Cellular Preparation for Metastasis in Tumor Microenvironment: The Role of Integrin α6β4 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stem Cells”), Sean Bellefuille and Matt Sarro ("Affordable Lower-Limb Prosthetics in Developing Countries"), Hannah Fuller (“Optimizing Lipid Production in C. sorokiniana for Biofuel”), Katie Fuller ("A Practical Alternative to Persistent Pesticides in Haiti"), Marisa Permatteo ("Effects on the Maximum Algal Load of Aiptasia pallid"), had all excelled at a regional science fair to qualify for the MIT event.

 On Saturday there was a public exposition of the projects as well as an awards ceremony. Torie, Sean, Matt, Katie, and Marisa all earned Third Level Honors, each receiving a $100 cash award and a book prize from Prentice-Hall. For her project—“Improving The Diagnosis of Human Papillomavirus: A Recommendation for Optimal Tissue Processing of Specimens From West Africa”—Nia earned First Level honors, receiving a $1000 award sponsored by the EMC Corporation. She was also selected as an alternate to the National Youth Science Camp.

Created as part of the Science-Technology-Engineering-and-Mathematics (STEM) inititiative in the SM Strategic Plan 2020, the STEM Research Fellowship program is designed to offer students the chance to further study their own particular area of interest while fostering the real-world skills needed for high level scientific research. Its purpose is to engage students in both independent and collaborative research, work with mentors to develop specific skills, design and perform their own experiments, and incorporate an additional academic discipline into their STEM studies. The benefits of this blending of independent study, practical hands-on learning, and interdisciplinary efforts exemplifies the aims of the Initiative to prepare students for growingly STEM-centered world through both a thorough understanding of inquiry-based scientific research and practiced application of integrated and collaborative problem solving.

The SM STEM Fellowship program is spearheaded by veteran Science teacher Lindsey Lohwater. "We had an extremely successful year,” commented Ms. Lohwater. “Students undertook a broad range of projects and overcame some pretty significant setbacks in order to achieve this impressive level of scholarship. Each of the eight Fellows has helped to further strengthen the program, now in its third year, and for that I am very grateful. I am particularly excited to see what these young science scholars are able to do as they move on from St. Mark's. Hopefully it will involve science!"


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