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Office Of Global Health
362 Plantation St., ACC7-004
Worcester, MA 01605
Tel: 508-856-2840
Fax: 508-856-1140


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We've moved! Our new office location is
55 Lake Ave North, ACC-7, Suite 004
Worcester, MA 01655, USA
Ph. 508-856-2840
Fx. 508-856-1140
Email: globalhealth@umassmed.edu

ABOUT US: Our Team 


Katherine Luzuriaga, MD

Associate Provost, Global Health
Director, Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences
Professor of Pediatrics
Program in Molecular Medicine

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Donna Gallagher, APRN-C, MS, ANP, FAAN, MA

Co-Director, Global Health
PI/Director, New England AIDS Education & Training Center