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Liberia Contact List: 1/2012, HEARTT Pediatrics Program at JFK Hospital

  • Liberia on-site HEARTT Administrator: Wilfred Jordan,, Phone: 06-810749. Wilfred is the main contact in case there is an emergency need
  • JFK Chief Operating Officer: Wvanmie Scott McDonald,, Phone: 02-731-7102.
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Billy K Johnson,, Phone: 06-885378.
  • Chief of Pediatrics: Dr.Sia Camaor,
  • Dept of Pediatrics Physician Assistants: Deduh Kollie 06-550435 (malnutrition coordinator); M. Ricks 06-523973; Helen Burnette 06-557991 (chronic disease clinic, currently out of sick leave); Y Mehn 06-560479; James Selay 06-578615.
  • US HEARTT Coordinator: Dr. Patricia McQuilkin, phone: 508-334-2401, cell: 978-204-3544,

Redemption Hospital

  • Redemption Hospital - Pediatrics Service): Dr Sankoh,, Phone: 07-7303038.

Medical School

  • Dean of Health Sciences, University of Liberia: Dr. Vuyu Kanda Golakai,
  • Clinical coordinator – 3rd year students , Dr. Lawrence Sherman,, Phone: +231-6578615
  • Asst Professor, 4th year student lectures, Dr. Eugene Didi Dolopel,, Phone: +231-6512830

Other Contacts

  • Ministry of Health: Dr. Bernice Dahn,, Phone: +231-6557636.
  • West African Medical Board: Dr Benson Barr,, Phone: 06-522160.
  • Clinton Foundation: Katie Demarco,
  • US Embassy in Monrovia: 111 UN Drive, Mamba Point,P. O. Box 98, Monrovia, Liberia; Switchboard: +231-77-054-826 (cell), +231-77-210-948 (cell), +231-77-010-370 (fax).
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