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Started in the spring of 2010, the pediatric Chronic Illness Clinic was created to provide preventive care and health education to children and families of children with chronic medical conditions.  The clinic was initially organized by two UMass  pediatric residents,Julie Jaffrey and Emily Pollakowski,  in an effort to provide these much needed services at JFK Hospital, where the outpatient pediatric department is focused mainly on walk-in sick or urgent visits rather than primary or preventive care.  In general, primary care is not available to children beyond the growth monitoring and vaccinations provided for infants under one year of age in the Immunization Clinic.

The clinic operates one morning a week (currently on Wednesdays), and patients are given appointments for specific dates when they are referred to the clinic from the pediatric inpatient ward, the emergency room or the pediatric outpatient department.  They are seen without having to register and wait as part of the daily outpatient department clinic, as their charts are pulled one or two days ahead of time.

Patients are seen by the physician assistant in charge of day to day operations at the clinic, Helen, by Dr. Emmanuel Okoh, Director of Pediatrics at JFK, or by one of the rotating U.S. pediatricians or residents.  A logbook of suggested condition-specific protocols for follow-up visits is kept in the clinic.  The goal of the clinic is to educate children and their caregivers about their condition, provide a steady supply of maintenance medications if possible, and schedule follow-up in a timely fashion in order to avoid acute problems.  Occasionally, referral for specialized treatments or surgery (sometimes out of country) can be arranged.

The clinic has been well accepted in the medical community, and the number of children seen is growing steadily.  Conditions for which children can be referred and current patient numbers are listed below:

    Asthma/RAD                                        18
    Cancer                                                  4
    Heart Disease                                        7
    Diabetes                                               4
    Developmental Delay/Cerebral Palsy    30
    Down Syndrome                                    7
    Kidney Disease                                      2
    Seizure Disorder                                  11
    Sickle Cell Disease                               28
    Miscellaneous                                      18
    TOTAL                                                129
The Chronic Illness Clinic remains a “work in progress” and we welcome input from others interested in its further development.  We hope to provide culturally appropriate patient education materials, to improve record keeping and patient flow, as well as make care for these children more continuous with the best possible outcomes.  Of note, two PGY 3 UMass pediatric residents, Catalina Hoyos and Robyn Wing, along with Dr. Okoh were recently awarded an American Academy of Pediatrics I-CATCH Grant ($2000 per year for 3 years) to further these goals and insure sustainability and possible expansion of this project.

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