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International Travel: OGH Policy for International Travel

Download Travel Policy
Download the OGH Policy and Requirements for International Travel. 

Special Travel Policy
For travelers to countries under U.S. State Department Travel Warnings or Alerts.

Travel Registration Form Main Page
Fill out an International Travel Registration or Special Travel Registration & Waiver Form.


1. Review travel preparation and safety tips 60-90 days before travel and ticket purchase

a. Review the UMMS OGH International Travel Policy and safety tips, available  at http://umassmed.edu/globalhealth/travelpreparation.aspx.

b. Review the US Department of State country-specific information and any Travel Warnings or Alerts that pertain to the travel destination, available at http://travel.state.gov/.

c. Review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention country-specific travelers’ health information and any Travel Notices that pertain to the travel destination, available at http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/default.aspx.

d. Consult with Program Directors and in-country hosts to coordinate specific activities, travel logistics, lodging, transportation, in-country emergency plans, etc.

2. Travel to countries with US State Department of CDC Travel Warning, Alert or Notice

Institutional policy does not allow students or trainees (Medical students, GSN students, GSBS PhD students or post-doc fellows, and GME residents) to travel to countries or regions for which a US State Department or CDC Travel Warning, Alert or Notice exists under any circumstance. Under very special circumstances, OGH may consider travel waivers for Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences post-doc fellows and Graduate Medical Education residents. Program Directors must meet with students and trainees to evaluate potential international sites. If a Program Director feels there are compelling reasons for a GME resident or GSBS post-doc fellow to continue travel plans to the site, he/she can work with the trainee to submit a Special Travel Request form to OGH.

          a. The Protocol for Special Travel is available on our OGH web site at 


          b. The special travel request waiver request and registration form is available at 


      c. Program Directors, students and trainees must continually monitor the site’s safety and security conditions. Since travel warnings may change at any point leading up to and during travel, OGH advises that trainees purchase trip cancellation insurance when booking their travel arrangements. 

Permission to travel may be revoked, or the student or trainee may be asked to return to the United States upon a change in the US State Department Travel Advisory. We recommend that all travelers purchase trip insurance in anticipation of any potential changes in travel plans.

Faculty and staff may have ongoing advisory, clinical or research activities in countries or regions of countries for which Travel Warnings or Travel Alerts are in effect. UMMS does not prevent its employees form traveling to countries with such Warnings or Alerts but does not sanction and/or assume any responsibility or liability with respect to same. If the faculty or staff would like to travel to these countries or regions, the following rules and conditions apply:

      a. No UMMS faculty or staff shall be required to travel to a country or region for which a Travel Warning or Travel Alert has been issued.
          b. UMMS faculty and staff are not guaranteed UMMS travel insurance coverage for travel to war risk territories. They must submit their travel itinerary and destination information to OGH (


          ) and the President’s Office (Matthew Wamback, 


        ) to determine coverage.
          c. UMMS faculty and staff must review the Travel Alert or Warning on the U.S. Department of State Consular Information Sheet for the country in question at 


      d. Department Chairs will be notified when travel approval is issued to faculty and staff members within their departments.

3. Travel Workshop for students

Students are required to attend the UMMS Travel Preparation Workshop.

      a. Workshops are offered twice a year and are sponsored by OME, SHS and OGH. 


If you missed the Mandatory Travel Preparation Session on Thursday April 10, 2014 sponsored by the International Medical Education Program the session was recorded and a version will be available soon on their website.

4. International Travel Registration

All members of UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Medical Center (faculty, staff, students, residents, fellows, etc.) traveling under UMMS auspices must register for travel with the Office of Global Health and the in-country US Embassy at least one month prior to departure. UMMS and University of Massachusetts Memorial Health Care (UMMHC) insurance and travel insurance policies cover authorized activities. OGH approval for travel is provided following successful travel registration and is required for coverage by the UMass-sponsored AIG travel insurance policy.

          a. The OGH travel registration form is available at 


          b. The US Embassy registration form is available at 

http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/registration/registration_4789.html5. Student Health or Employee Health Services

Visit Student Health Services, Employee Health Services or your PCP for immunizations, PEP and other travel medications at least 5-6 weeks prior to departure.

      a. For appointments with SHS, call 508-334-2818. For appointments with the Travel Clinic (necessary for Yellow Fever vaccine), call 508-334-5481.

6. UMass-sponsored AIG Travel Insurance

Travel with copies of UMass-sponsored AIG international travel insurance policy information. UMass Memorial/UMMS employees/students are covered for professional liability by the UMass Memorial Health Care, Inc, Self Insurance Program for clinical activities when they travel worldwide provided they have approval from the Office of Global Health to do so.

        a. Policy information is provided immediately after completing the OGH travel registration form or at 


      b. AIG travel insurance coverage is only for official UMMS business and does not include personal travel time. Students and trainees traveling outside of the rotation or elective program will only be covered for the duration of the rotation or elective program.
      c. Medical staff will only be covered for activities approved within their licenses. Students and trainees will only be covered for activities approved within their level of education and training according to the UMMS curriculum. As of December 12, 2013 medical students are only approved for clinical work appropriate to their educational level and under the following conditions: 1) direct supervision by a UMass faculty member at the host site; 2) provision of liability coverage by the host institution; 3) provision of adequate clinical liability coverage by a third party. Unless one of these circumstances is met, medical students are not permitted to complete clinical International electives.
      d. Any resulting suit/legal litigation must be filed in the United States, its territories and/or Canada.

It is the strong recommendation of UMMS that you purchase additional professional liability insurance coverage from the country of destination when you travel out of the United States to ensure proper insurance coverage for any suits/legal litigation brought against you in your country of destination.