Glass Slide Microarray Hybridization and Scanning Hybridization

Glass slide array hybridization is available to all researchers with the two 4 bay Roche NimbleGen Hybridization SystemsCompatible NimbleGen mixers can be purchased directly from Roche NimbleGen by the user. Other consumables may be available at the core. Please check before beginning experiments.


The Genomics Core  is equipped with the Agilent DNA microarray scanner G2565CA and is capable of 2, 3, 5 or 10 micron scanning of any clear, colorless 1 x 3” glass slide microarray. For data extraction, researchers should come prepared with grid and protocol information if planning to use Feature Extraction. 

Scanning is available with assistance from the Genomics Core personnel.
Feature Extraction from Agilent Technologies is available to extract data from arrays.


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