Inpatient Sites

Bridgewater State Hospital (BSH), a Department of Correction facility, provides inpatient forensic evaluation services for men in Massachusetts who require a maximum security setting. Forensic evaluation services there are provided by a team of Forensic Psychologists. This team provides the courts pre- and post-trial evaluations (e.g., competence to stand trial, criminal responsibility, aid in sentencing, as well as need for commitment) of defendants requiring this secure setting as well as evaluations of prisoners in need of treatment.

Worcester State Hospital (WSH) Department of Mental Health facility. WSH is adjacent to the UMMS campus, and is the site of the Fellow Training Program. WSH has an adult inpatient forensic evaluation units serving both men and women, where a team of Forensic Psychologists provide evaluations to the courts, similar to those described above. Violence risk assessments are also provided to the treatment teams regarding patients who are being considered for increased privileges or discharges. Consultations may also be provided to outpatient providers regarding clients with significant histories of violence. In addition, similar services may be provided at other Department of Mental Health facilities (in Tewksbury and Taunton).

WSH also has an adolescent unit where inpatient evaluations of juveniles (under age 19) are provided for issues of: competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, aid in sentencing, and need for commitment. 

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