UMMS Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic Rotations

III. UMMS Forensic Evaluation Service

The goals of the UMMS Forensic Evaluation Service include providing fellows with opportunities to:

  1. Gain an understanding of the legal and clinical issues involved in private civil and criminal forensic evaluations;
  2. Gain experience negotiating roles and responsibilities with attorneys, insurance companies, courts and other referral sources;
  3. Conduct consultations involving issues such as psychiatric disability, guardianship, Asylum applications, sexual misconduct, psychological injury, malpractice, criminal matters, and violence risk assessment;
  4. Prepare reports based on evaluations conducted;
  5. Provide expert testimony, when possible.

These goals will be met through direct participation by the fellow in cases referred to the UMMS Forensic Evaluation Service. Through the Forensic Evaluation Service, fellows will gain exposure to the UMMS Sexual Disorders Clinic. At a minimum, fellows will assist with evaluations conducted by faculty in the Law and Psychiatry Program and review faculty cases and reports. It is also expected that fellows will have opportunities to take primary responsibility on cases.