UMMS Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic Rotations

II. Bridgewater State Hospital

The goals of the Bridgewater State Hospital rotation include providing fellows with opportunities to do the following:

  1. Gain an understanding of the legal standards and clinical issues involved in court-ordered evaluations on a state hospital Forensic Service within a state hospital run by the Department of Correction;
  2. Observe and conduct court-ordered evaluations of males for competence to stand trial, criminal responsibility, aid in sentencing, need for care and treatment of correctional inmates, and need for civil commitment;
  3. Observe and conduct consultations regarding legal issues in psychiatric practice;
  4. Prepare reports based on evaluations conducted;
  5. Observe and, if possible, provide expert testimony;
  6. Gain experience in the psychiatric care and treatment of persons involved in the criminal justice system;
  7. Gain experience with an inpatient setting run by the Department of Correction to enhance understanding of levels of care appropriate for the treatment and evaluation of individuals with involvement in the criminal justice system.

These goals will be met through direct participation by the forensic psychiatry resident in cases referred to the Bridgewater State Hospital Forensic Service. The residents will observe and assist with evaluations conducted by licensed forensic psychiatrists and forensic psychologists on staff at the Bridgewater State Hospital Forensic Service. In addition, the forensic psychiatry fellow takes primary responsibility for evaluations. Fellows will also gain experience in correctional psychiatry by providing direct clinical care to patient/inmates at Bridgewater State Hospital. As part of their clinical work, fellows may have opportunities to testify on their patients’ competence to make treatment decisions.