Vol. 13 No. 1 - August, 2010

The Office of Faculty Affairs

Promoting strategies to enhance the development and advancement of faculty

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Luanne Thorndyke, MD, FACP, vice provost for faculty affairs and professor of medicine

The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) is committed to the goal of promoting strategies to enhance the development and advancement of our faculty. The office provides support and resources to faculty to pursue their career development goals within the missions of research, teaching and clinical service and to facilitate career advancement and leadership.

The OFA is actively engaged in promoting an institutional climate of diversity and inclusion, equity and opportunity at UMass Medical School. Our work is values driven; we seek to foster innovation, collaboration, initiative, teamwork and respect for others. Through our efforts to nurture and develop faculty talent, we seek to enhance organizational vitality and to promote work–life satisfaction. Our efforts are in close alignment with the Academic Health Sciences Center Strategic Plan, particularly focused on building the work force of the future and designing an ideal learning environment.

The OFA responds to the needs of faculty and supports their journey toward academic advancement and career success. While we address areas of need common to all faculty, we also target certain groups with programs tailored to specific needs—including junior, mid-career and senior faculty, those new to the institution, women and minority faculty, and those actively navigating the promotion and tenure process. In addition, there are thematic elements within the work of the OFA that cut across all faculty groups. These include mentoring, professional development, academic advancement, leadership and promotion of diversity. These core elements are vital to the function and impact of the Office of Faculty Affairs.

OFA staff
Office of faculty Affairs
Office of Faculty Affairs staff: (front l to r) Judy Ockene, Susan Pasquale, Sue Tremallo, Kathleen Rancourt; (back l to r) Linda Boria, Gennette Ludovico, John Congdon, Luanne Thorndyke, Robert Milner

As described in additional sections, we offer faculty development programs (see related story on professional development), and targeted initiatives (see related stories on gender and equity and diversity). The OFA and the vice provost for faculty affairs also have the privilege and responsibility to support the academic affairs of faculty across the Medical School, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Graduate School of Nursing (see related story on academic affairs).

The bottom line—the Office of Faculty Affairs is here to help the faculty be successful in their careers. The heart and soul of UMMS is the faculty, and the OFA’s objective is to help faculty navigate the complex academic environment to pursue academic excellence while maintaining a degree of work-life balance. Check out our newest offerings; browse our Web site; come out and meet your colleagues at a networking luncheon!


OFA Staff:
Linda Boria, executive assistant to the vice provost
John L. Congdon, administrative manager
Gennette Ludovico, academic personnel specialist
Robert J. Milner, PhD, associate vice provost for professional development and professor of neurology
Judith K. Ockene, PhD, MEd, MA, the Barbara Helen Smith Chair in Preventive & Behavioral Medicine, associate vice provost for gender and equity and professor of medicine
Susan J. Pasquale, PhD, MT-BC, NMT, director of curriculum and faculty development and associate professor of family medicine & community health
Kathleen Rancourt, administrative assistant to the associate vice provosts
Luanne E. Thorndyke, MD, FACP, vice provost for faculty affairs and professor of medicine
Susan R. Tremallo, program and events coordinator
Contact Information:
Web: www.umassmed.edu/ofa
E-mail: FacultyAffairs@umassmed.edu
Phone: 508-856-3244
Fax: 508-856-2129