Vol. 12 No. 9 - April, 2010

2010 Incoming residents


ProgramTotal positions
UMMS graduates ProgramTotal positions
UMMS graduates
Anesthesia (advance match PGY2)0  Orthopedic Surgery21
Anesthesia PGY1 21Pathology1 
Dermatology (advance match PGY2)31Pediatrics81
Emergency Medicine124Psychiatry4 
Fam Pract Hahneman FHC42Combined Adult/Child Psychiatry2 
Fam Pract Queen St FHC4 Radiology Diagnostic4 
Fam Pract Barre FHC4 General Surgery6 
Fam Pract Fitchburg 1 Surgery - Preliminary1 
Internal Medicine193Integrated Plastic Surgery (PGY1)2 
Medicine-Preliminary7 Integrated Vascular Surgery (PGY1)1 
Med-Preliminary Neurology2 Combined Med Peds44
Neurology (advance match PGY2)4 Combined Psych Neuro1 
Obstetrics Gynecology51 

Family Practice Fitchburg filled three positions through the AOA match
Orthopedics filled two research track positions outside the match
Dental Residency filled three positions