Hahnemann Family Health Center Faculty

Thank you for your interest in Hahnemann Family Health Center.  Please feel free to contact any of our faculty if you have questions about our program!  


Ronald Adler, MD, FAAFP 
Assistant Professor
Director, Primary Care Practice Improvement
Center for the Advancement of Primary Care
University of Massachusetts, M.D., 1989
Family Practice Residency: Hahnemann Family Health Center/UMass, 1992
Areas of Interest and Research: Women’s Health and Obstetrics
About Hahnemann: Residents of this program are deeply committed to learning to be providers of superior care to their patients. They are attracted to the health center by the diverse patient population and the excellent support staff. What I value most about Lincoln Street is the full spectrum of family care delivered to people of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Katharine Barnard, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical practice at Plumley Village Health Services

Biography: Dr. Barnard was an undergraduate Latin American Studies major at Brown University in Providence RI, after which she taught English as a Second Language for a year (through Americorps) before coming to medical school at the University of Massachusetts. She chose Hahnemann Family Health Center as her residency training site for the breadth of patient population and the strong academic training offered there. After graduating residency in 2003, she entered clinical practice at Plumley Village Health Services, a small, community-based health center serving an underserved area of Worcester. As Plumley is affiliated with Hahnemann, Dr Barnard continues to be part of the teaching faculty for Hahnemann Family Health Center.

Dr Barnard’s clinical interests encompass all that pertains to taking care of urban underserved populations: community health, care of young families, women’s health and maternity care, multi-generational family medicine, substance abuse treatment, and work with immigrants and refugees. Additionally, she has led Plumley through growth and practice transformation, achieving NCQA Level 3 PCMH certification (and re-certification), and participating in multiple practice innovations.

Dr Barnard lives in Worcester with her family, and in her free time enjoys outdoor activities and sports, gardening, and music performance (check out the web page for the Seven Hills Symphony!)

About Hahnemann: Worcester has all the right ingredients for teaching family medicine: a multicultural city with an interesting variety of people and medical problems, that is small enough so that you can get to know the medical community and the city itself. The Family Medicine department is large and full of experienced clinicians and researchers who can help to shape a resident's education. Plumley Village hosts a 3rd year resident each year for a longitudinal elective, which has been sought by residents wishing for more maternity care experience, exposure to medical Spanish, chance to work in a small office, or simply a more focused community health center-type experience.

Why Family Medicine? I really love helping people through transition times of their life, and seeing families grow and change over time. I also see myself as an advocate for my patients – both within the larger society as well as supporting them to live healthier lives. I enjoy doing office procedures and deliveries. When I was in medical school, I found that I could put all of these interests into my work in family medicine. In family medicine, I also found similar-minded colleagues, people who are inquisitive, innovative, empathetic, and community-minded, and who challenge me to continue to grow and learn.



Kimberly Bombaci, MD
Assistant Professor

Brandeis University
UMass Medical School, 2010
Residency: UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency (Hahnemann), 2013
Areas of Interest and Research: Women's Health and Pediatrics
About Hahnemann: I originally came to UMass as a medical student. I loved the supportive environment here and stayed for my Residency and now as a faculty member. UMass strives to be on the forefront of medical innovations and keeps patient care a priority. The organization is also dedicated to training new physicians to be compassionate and competent which is fun to be a part of.



Colleen Bregman, MPH, PT
Ambulatory Clinic Manager
Hahnemann Family Health Center and Plumley Village Health Services

Biography: Colleen Bregman has been the Clinic Manager at the Hahnemann Family Health Center and Plumley Village Health Services since 2014. Colleen went to Northeastern University for her undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy and her Master’s Degree in Public Health from Trinity College, Dublin Ireland. She has worked at UMass Memorial for 30 years in roles including Physical Therapist, Director of Rehabilitation Services and more recently as clinic manager in Family Medicine.

Colleen is invested in process improvement and practice transformation. She has earned her LEAN/Six Sigma Green belt in 2016 and will complete her Black Belt in 2017.

Colleen lives in Auburn, MA with her husband Howard, son Matthew and Dundee the dog. Outside of work, she is a “hockey and baseball mom” attending her son’s high school and league sporting events.



Stephanie Carter-Henry, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Education Director, Hahnemann Family Health Center

Biography: Dr. Carter-Henry is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and has been the Education director at the Hahnemann Family Health Center since 2013. During her undergraduate training she studied biology and medical anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After completing her BS, she stayed at UMass, Amherst and pursued a master’s in molecular biology. Dr. Carter-Henry then came to the University of Massachusetts Medical School for her medical degree. She then completed her residency in Family Medicine at the Worcester Family Medicine residency program at the Barre Family Health Center. She joined the faculty at the Hahnemann Family Health Center in 2011.

Dr. Carter-Henry’s clinical interest include family centered maternity care, behavioral and mental health, college health, and procedural medicine. Her academic interests are in curriculum development, individualized education plans, mindfulness in medicine and for physician wellness, and in mentoring/coaching.

Dr. Carter-Henry is involved in residency curriculum development in her role as education director at HFHC. She is involved with physician health and wellness at Umass Memorial health care and with the wellness initiatives within the residency. She has additional training in process improvement and mindfulness in leadership. She is currently serving as the Co-Chair of the Society of Teachers in Family Medicine Women in Family Medicine Collaborative.

Dr. Carter-Henry lives in Holden, MA with her husband Matt and their two daughters Samantha and Elsa (named after her maternal grandmother and not the princess!)

About Hahnemann: I joined the HFHC team when I graduated residency because I found my professional home with the HFHC faculty. I was searching for a practice where I could see myself long term to develop lifelong relationships with my patients, where I could continue to practice full spectrum maternity care, and where I could grow as a physician and as an educator. I found a shared mission for education, continuous improvement, and high quality primary care with the HFHC group and am excited to call HFHC home.

Why Family Medicine? I cherish the privilege to care for families and help others improve their health. In family medicine I found a shared passion for preventative care, maternal child health, and the impact long term relationships can have on patients health. I value being able to care for my patients with most of the health issues they will face and to be a partner with them for issues that require care for others. Family medicine is a specialty that allows for flexibility, growth, innovation, and evolution and it was simply the perfect fit for me.


Joan Dolan, Nurse Practitioner



Michael Ennis, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Assistant Dean of Student Advising, UMass Medical School
Williams College, 1979
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, 1983
Family Medicine Residency, UMass Medical School, 1986
Areas of Interest and Research: Student/Resident Mentoring, Family Centered Maternity Care, Travel Medicine
Hometown: The Bronx, NY
About Hahnemann: Teaching residents and students feels like a special privilege that I get to enjoy every day. It is definitely one of the top reasons that I have continued to work at Hahnemann for 23+ years. Bearing witness to, and occasionally helping, our residents transform into highly competent clinicians is a blast!
Why Family Medicine? My reasons for choosing family medicine continue to constantly morph and evolve. Perhaps, as a student, I initially came to this work enchanted by the idea of caring for the broadest of spectrums: “the cradle to the grave.” Nowadays, it is much more the continuity that I have with my families that sustains my passion for being a family doctor. Caring for extended families, sometimes 4 generations, delivering the babies of women whom I delivered as babies....these things too feel like a unique privilege that family doctors get to enjoy.
Personal Facts: I worked as a taxidriver in NYC for several years prior to going to medical school.


Mark Fitzgerald, MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health

Biography: Dr. Fitzgerald has been a resident of Massachusetts his whole life, growing up in Needham, MA and then hopping around the state from there. He majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, completing his thesis at Genzyme.   Dr. Fitzgerald then attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School for his medical degree, and stayed within the UMass system for his residency in Family Medicine at Hahnemann Family Health Center.  He joined the faculty at the Hahnemann Family Health Center in 2016, becoming a ‘UMass lifer’ or ‘Quadruple Minuteman’. 

Dr. Fitzgerald’s clinical interests include addiction medicine, care of high-complexity/high-utilizing patients, procedural medicine, and home-visit care.  His academic interests include full spectrum teaching from from pre-clinical medical students up through resident education. 

Dr. Fitzgerald lives in Milford, MA with his wife Maura and son Andrew. They’re also expecting another baby in Spring of 2017! 

About Hahnemann: While attending UMass Medical, I developed tremendous respect and admiration for many mentors and teachers across a wide range of specialties in the UMass system and knew I wanted to stay within the system for residency. I saw Hahnemann as a progressive place to provide comprehensive care to a wide variety of patients, and to pursue any clinical interest I could dream of. I felt lucky to be at such a great place to train in residency, and I saw Hahnemann as the ideal place to continue providing a wide spectrum of care. I also couldn’t imagine a better team to work with! 

Why Family Medicine? I entered medical school with a definitive, certain plan to pursue internal medicine… That plan almost lasted a whole week. As I went through my clinical rotations, I saw family medicine residents transition seamlessly between a multitude of roles: assisting laboring mothers and delivering babies, caring for children, teens, and adults both in and out of the hospital, care of nursing home patients and end-of-life patients. I was impressed by the marriage of scientific, evidence-based medicine with the art of caring for a human being whose needs, goals, and priorities transcend algorithms and textbooks. I have found that being a family medicine physician allows me to practice full spectrum care that is meaningful to patients and an incredibly rewarding privilege.



Mary Flynn, MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Medical Director, Plumley Village Health Services

Biography: Dr. Flynn is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and has been providing care at Plumley Village since 2012. In 2016, she assumed the role of Medical Director. She completed a BA in biology at Williams College in Williamstown, MA and her M.D. at the University of  Massachusetts Medical School.  She remained in Worcester at the Hahnemann Family Health Center for her residency training, and during that time completed a longitudinal elective at Plumley Village, where she was fortunate to remain as faculty after completing her residency training.  

Dr. Flynn’s clinical interests include care for underserved and vulnerable populations, family centered maternity care, and the care of young families. She has particular interests in breastfeeding education and contraception management and is fluent in Spanish. 

Dr. Flynn lives in Worcester with her husband Jim and her daughter Olive.  In her free time, she enjoys riding their two horses, Sara and Josie. 

About Hahnemann and Plumley Village: I came to HFHC for residency because I knew that I would receive a strong education in evidence-based medicine and exposure to the full spectrum of family medicine. The training in behavioral health and comprehensive women’s health care were particularly important to me. The diversity of faculty interests provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise that made Hahnemann a great place to learn. Over the course of residency I realized that I loved providing maternity care and also became passionate about working with underserved population, and Plumley was the perfect place to continue to provide this care. 

Why Family Medicine?
As a medical student, I found something I loved in each new rotation. I couldn't imagine giving up pediatric care, but also loved geriatrics, psychiatry, and maternity care. With family medicine, I'm able to have a little bit of each of these fields in my practice. I believe in primary care because I believe that long-term relationships are the key to healing.




David Gilchrist, MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Medical Director, Hahnemann Family Health Center

Biography: Dr. Gilchrist is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and has been the Medical director at the Hahnemann Family Health Center since 2012. Dr. Gilchrist went to Gordon College for his undergraduate degree in chemistry and earned his medical degree at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He stayed at UMass completing his residency in Family Medicine at the Hahnemann Family Health Center. He joined the faculty in 2009 and was the associate residency director for the Worcester Family Medicine residency program for 3 years before transitioning to the medical director role he currently services in.

Dr. Gilchrist’s clinical interests include addiction medicine and family centered care. He currently works at a local detox facility where he oversees adult and adolescent inpatient detox units. He also has a passion for process improvement and practice transformation with additional training in these areas. He earned his LEAN/Six Sigma black belt in 2015 and will complete a his MBA from the UMass School of Business in the winter of 2016.

Dr. Gilchrist lives in Holden, MA with his wife Cammie. They have three children, Alexi, David and Jonathan. Outside of work, he is passionate about triathlons and enjoys competing in local races.

About Hahnemann: HFHC is where I have grown up as a doctor. From my first experiences here as a medical student in my first year, I could tell that HFHC was a place where everyone gets to learn each day. The faculty and staff are committed to helping our learners, and each other, grow. Whether you are part of chart rounds, a noon lecture, an idea board huddle with the whole office or working individually with a preceptor, you will grow as a learner at our health center. As the medical director, I am deeply committed to making the practice function well so all of the members of our team can thrive and our patients get excellent care.

Why Family Medicine? Family Medicine is all about the relationships that we get to develop with our patients. I love being part of a community where I get to know people and sometimes bump into them outside the office. Family doctors can play a huge role in helping individuals and families improve their health and well being. For me, one of those areas I really enjoy seeing transformation is in my patients who are struggling with addiction. These patients need someone in their corner to cheer them on in their recovery and help them overcome their own self doubt. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding experience.


G Gleich


Gerald Gleich, MD
Medical Director, St. Mary Health Care Center
Interim Clinical Chief of Geriatrics, UMass Division of Geriatrics
Boston University, 1975
University of Massachusetts Medical School, 1984
UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency – Barre Health Center, 1987
Areas of Interest and Research: Geriatrics, Practice Redesign, Chronic Pain Management
Hometown: Long Beach, New York
About Hahnemann: I love my practice at Hahnemann. It is a well-organized, stimulating environment in which to practice, teach, and learn. I get to work with a terrific group of colleagues on the faculty who are committed educators and talented clinicians. I enjoy working closely with residents helping them grow and develop the skills and confidence they will need for their careers in Family Medicine. Worcester is the birth place of Family Medicine in Massachusetts and the UMass Family Medicine community continues to provide the leadership and support we need to help us train the family physicians of the future, and transform the way we deliver care to our patients.
Why Family Medicine? I initially chose to be a family physician because of my political belief that good health care is a right for all and it begins with primary care. Over the years family medicine has been an extremely fulfilling career for me. As I have changed and grown, I have been able to focus my career in different ways keeping me interested and engaged in my work. I enjoy talking to people, and learning about their lives, hearing their stories, and helping them make sense of, and come to terms with the ailments, stresses, discomforts, conflicts, and disabilities they face in their daily lives. I am a big picture person and also enjoy helping to make systems work better. I love being involved in medical education because I believe the physicians I help train today will carry on the traditions and philosophy of holistic patient centered-care that is central to family medicine.
Personal Facts: I play the guitar and sing and have written many songs over the years. Some of them are actually good. I enjoy downhill skiing in Vermont in the winter with my family, and cycling, golf, walking and playing basketball in the driveway with my youngest son (the one still at home) in the other seasons.




Jeremy Golding, MD
Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Family Medicine Quality Officer
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, MD, 1987
Family Medicine Residency (1990) and Fellowship (1991); Highland Hospital and University of Rochester
Areas of Interest and Research: Evidence-Based Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Women's Health, Computers and Electronic Technology in Medicine, Electrocardiography, Dermatology, Office Surgical Procedures 

Biography: Dr. Golding is a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, and OB-GYN. After completing a fellowship in health services research in Rochester, he practiced family medicine, college health, and emergency medicine for about 10 years before coming to UMass. He was also a medical advisor of a Planned Parenthood site in CT. During his time as Inpatient Director for the department, he helped develop the family medicine hospitalist service. He still teaches EKG interpretation and ACLS for the residents on FMIS. Dr. Golding now divides his time among clinical, teaching, and administrative areas. He loves practicing the full spectrum of family medicine including obstetrics, but has a particular interest and expertise (certificate of added qualifications from the ABFM) in adolescent medicine. He enjoys seeing patients at Clark University and is the adolescent medicine consultant at the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital. He is also associate editor of The 5 Minute Clinical Consult (Lippincott/Wolters Kluwer Health) (“I can’t believe I’m fortunate enough to get paid to write and edit and learn!”)

About Hahnemann: I joined the Hahnemann Family Health Center because I felt a particular kinship with the faculty there. We share a sense of mission to our patients and a passion for teaching our learners. In my clinical work, I co-run our procedure clinic, am an active colposcopist, and prescribe buprenorphine. I am continually reading and reviewing evidence-based medicine. Many of our residents have chosen to write with me, gaining valuable writing experience. All of our residents come with diverse interests and needs, and they are well-supported by an equally diverse, intelligent, amazing, and compassionate faculty committed to resident education. 

Why Family Medicine? I think I would get bored doing the same thing every day! Instead, I am constantly challenged by the innumerable presentations we see here in our office. I get to practice to the full extent of my knowledge, training, and experience. I have several multigenerational families in my practice, and find getting to know all my patients very satisfying. Over time, I have grown with the them. I cannot imagine practicing any other medical specialty. Although I will never be in the highest paid of physician specialties, I am already the most rewarded for my work.


Molly Rivest, DNP, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner, Hahnemann Family Health Center
Assistant Professor, Graduate School or Nursing, UMass Worcester
Smith College, 2007
UMass Worcester GSN, 2015
Areas of Interest and Research: Implementing team-based care and group visits to address adolescent sexual education and preventative strategies & childhood obesity
Hometown: Southampton, MA
About Hahnemann: Hahnemann is a great place to be a learner or a patient! We have on-site behavioral health and access to these services every day through our collaborative behavioral health model. Our staff is very engaged at every level and we are committed to quality improvement for patients and staff.
Why Family Medicine? I am interested in providing care to the entire family with an open-minded approach, including all dimensions that impact health.
Personal Facts: I worked as a physicist in the U.S. Air Force.




Christine Purington, MD
Assistant Professor, UMass Medical School, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Director of College Health Programs, UMass Medical School, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Biography: Dr. Purington is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and Director of College Health Programs for the Department of Family and Community Health.  Dr. Purington graduated from Tufts University in Chemical Engineering, working as an engineer prior to earning her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in 1986.  She completed residency in Family Medicine at Hahnemann Family Health Center and has remained involved in primary care at Hahnemann Family Health Center since, along with maintaining clinical practices and oversight of the student health centers at WPI, College of the Holy Cross, and Clark University. She has served as Director of College Health Programs for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health since 2012, in which she coordinates educational opportunities for medical students and residents at the student health centers in Worcester.

Dr. Purington’s clinical interests include adolescent medicine and rural and global health. Throughout the years she has provided clinical care at multiple rural sites in Alaska, along with Nicaragua and Haiti.

Dr. Purington lives in Rutland, MA with her husband Jim. They have three adult children, Eric, Carolyn and Myles, pursuing a variety of endeavors. Outside of work, she spends much time hiking and biking locally and traveling to new locations.

About Hahnemann: Mixing teaching with clinical practices at the college health centers and Hahnemann is invigorating and challenging. The medical students and residents are resourceful, and bring such strengths into the program. Watching learners mature over time is so rewarding!

Why Family Medicine? I enjoy Family Medicine as it incorporates the strength from relationships into the science of medicine. It is so gratifying to have attained the expertise to aid patients through their milestones in life.




Christine (Tina) Runyan, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor
Associate Director of Behavioral Science
Director of Post-doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Health Psychology
University of Maryland, 1992
Virginia Tech, 1998
Areas of Interest and Research: Health behavior change, Trauma and PTSD in primary care, training psychologists to work in primary care, training residents to work in collaborative care teams
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Personal Facts: Being a mom, trail running, and yoga are my passions outside of work. 


Amanda Vitko MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health

Biography:  Dr. Vitko has been an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at Hahnemann Family Health Center since 2014.  She studied Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT where she earned her Bachelor of Arts.  She received her medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine and completed her residency in Family Medicine at the Worcester Family Medicine residency program at Hahnemann Family Health Center.  Following residency Dr. Vitko joined the faculty at Hahnemann Family Health Center.

Dr. Vitko’s clinical interests include women’s health, integrated behavioral health and geriatric medicine.  In addition to her clinical practice at Hahnemann Family Health Center, Dr. Vitko regularly provides care to nursing home residents at St. Mary Health Care.

Dr. Vitko spends most of her time out of the office chasing after her four sons.

About Hahnemann:  I came to Hahnemann as a resident because I found it to be an intellectually challenging environment with a diverse patient population.  It is a unique place to continually learn and grow as both a resident and now as an attending physician and I enjoy learning from my students/residents as much as I enjoy teaching them.

Why Family Medicine?  It is important to me to be able to provide care across all generations and develop long-lasting relationships with my patients in both sickness and in health.  I truly believe that the best way to impact the health and lives of my patients is through establishing collaborative relationships built on trust and I strive to do this with my patients on a daily basis.

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