Resident Research/Scholarly Projects

Community and practice-based projects are part of a longitudinal curriculum to develop skill in evaluation and pursuit of scholarly work. Residents are partnered with faculty mentors to work on community-based projects that they choose in a variety of outreach settings within local service agencies, schools and with community groups.

Through a variety of departmental resources they are shepherded through a research process. Practice-based quality improvement projects focus on implementing changes in the way we practice to optimize care. They provide residents with valuable experience in critical appraisal, problem solving and leadership skills.

Research Topics for Classes of 2013-15:

"Engaging Staff and Standardizng Workflows for Health Maintenance Screening"
"Transitional Care Management at a Federally Qualified Health Center"
"Analysis and Proposal to Improve New Patient Access and Orientation Through a Patient-Centered Approach at FHCW"
"OUCH (Our Urgent Care Helps Hahnemann Family Health Center)"
Increasing Rates of Hypertension Control at an Academic Rural Family Medicine Practice
Hepatitis C Screening, Evaluation, and Treatment in Rural Primary Care/Project ECHO
Transitional Care Management at a Residency Site
Implementing Interconceptional Care
Childhood Obesity in a Community Health Center
Who Will Speak for You? Starting the Conversation About Health Care Proxies in the Primary Care Setting
Health Maintenance Promotion: Quality Improvement of Breast Cancer Screening Protocols at Hahnemann
Transition of Care: UMass Memorial Hospital to Family Health Center of Worcester
Improving Cervical Cancer Screening
Health Maintenance Promotion: Quality Improvement of Cervical Cancer Screening Protocols at HFHC
Increasing Breast Cancer Screening at Barre Family Health Center

The 5-Minute Clinical Consult

Jeremy Golding, MD, a Hahnemann faculty member, is one of three associate editors of this evidence-based medicine publication. Residents at Hahnemann (and at the other health centers) are offered the opportunity to author chapters for the 5 Minute Clinical Consult. This internationally known textbook is used around the world, translated into several languages, and is integrated into a number of E.H.R.’s. Residents may write on a wide variety of topics as first author with a faculty member as senior author.

Hahnemann faculty have especially strong representation in chapters pertaining to womens' health and reproductive medicine, oral health, and cardiovascular disease. Writing for a peer-reviewed publication serves the residency educational mission by improving the resident's ability to evaluate evidence and knowledge of the medical literature on a given topic, and by helping the resident understand the responsibility inherent in writing diagnostic and treatment recommendations that will be used by a vast audience. Frank Domino, MD, professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, serves as Editor-in-Chief.  

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